10 things to try in Innerleithen

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Innerleithen Scotland is a small town in the Scottish Borders. It may only home around 2600 people but it offers a lot of bang for your buck. Innerleithen is only a short bus journey from Edinburgh , meaning you can get here easily from an international destination, or by bus from the city itself. If you are looking for a quieter town than staying in Edinburgh, with plenty of fun things to do then Innerleithen Scotland is your place. You can also find out about the best foods to try in Innerleithen here.

10 things to try in Innerleithen Scotland

1. Climb the hill in Pirn Community Forest. If you climb the hill be sure to find the sculptures by Mary Kerry which mark the summit of the hill.

Innerleithen Scotland
Us at the peak

2. Mountain bike down the Red Bull hill. Many people come to Innerleithen for the mountain biking. If you do not have your own bike you can try Alpine Bikes Innerleithen. Alpine Bikes Innerleithen offer bike purchase, bike hire, equipment hire and bike maintenance services. You can also venture up to Glentress and mountain bike the many trails there. Innerleithen mtb is a large community of bikers who also use the Innerleithen uplift to get to the top of the hill to be able to bike down much quicker.

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3. Play Golf at the famous Innerleithen Golf Club. The Innerleithen Golf Club is a 9 hole course which opened in 1886. The Innerleithen Golf Club course is set in a relaxing setting in the Scottish Borders and follows the path of a river bed. The course is easily walkable with added spectacular views along the way. Looking to up your game? Use this golf rangefinders guide to take your golfing to the next level.

4. Try out the famous menu at the Tweedside Hotel. Tina cooks a great Macaroni Cheese but is also well known for making great Steak Pies and mountain sized burgers which have become well known for their Burger Challenge. The Tweedside Hotel is also a great choice for accommodation in Innerleithen and is my favourite Innerleithen hotel to stay in when I return home (when family cannot have us of course.)

5. Enjoy a sunny day at ‘the beach.’ This is not a real beach of course but there is a spectacular view where the two rives meet in Innerleithen Scotland.

There are actually sandy parts near the edge of the river where the kids can enjoy digging if they wish. Travis enjoys spending the day here just throwing stones into the water. The water is shallow enough at most parts to enjoy a dip or wet your feet.

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6. Eat the delicious ice cream at Caldwells. Caldwells is an award winning ice cream manufacturer with stores in Innerleithen and Peebles. You can enjoy any of the delicious flavours on offer from the store on Innerleithen High Street.

7. Enjoy the nature trails in the forests of Innerleithen Scotland. Besides Pirn Community Wood there are a number of nature trails in Innerleithen with numerous routes and trails. Some of our favourites include following Pirn Community wood to the Golf course and walking back along past the Innerleithen Golf Club and Cuddy Bridge or following the cycle path to Cardrona to enjoy a coffee at Nashys Coffee House. *Tip: pose for a photograph at the Cuddy Bridge as many newly married couples do or check out these other unmissable things to try in Innerleithen.

Innerleithen Scotland
The Cuddy Bridge

8. Explore the St Ronans Wells and Gardens. St Ronans Wells and Gardens is a beautiful nature garden with lots of places to sit and enjoy the view or a nice book. You can enjoy a drink of fresh and clean water for free or purchase a new plant for your garden.

9. Learn about printing at Robert Smails. Robert Smails printing works is a fully operational printing works from the Victorian era. You can come and enjoy history here and see the printing works in action and watch how newspapers and stationary were made here between 1866 to 1986.

Innerleithen Scotland
Learn about historic printing

10. Shop vintage and antiques. Innerleithen is home to a few vintage and antique stores. There is plenty of opportunity for shopping here between these stores and the mountain biking stores.


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