Review: Inori Rambuttri Alley

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Restaurant: Inori Rambuttri Alley

Location: Rambuttri Alley, Near Khao San Road, Bangkok

Date: May, 2016


Inori Rambuttri Alley was discovered by us when we made friends with some locals. We went on a bar crawl on Khao San Road with our friend Lala who then took us here to eat after we went clubbing in Bangkok.

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Because this place was a few minutes off Khao San Road it was less crowded by tourists, though very busy with locals. We loved the atmosphere and even though it was only minutes away from the biggest tourist area in Bangkok it had a real authentic feel. It was clean and open, really fresh feeling.


Inori Rambuttri Alley is on Rambuttri Alley, duh. This is literally the street right behind Khao San Road. Out friend took us down Thanon Tanao to find this place. I guess this is why we felt like we were in a real local area. We took a left after a minute on this street and Inori Rambuttri Alley as on the right on the corner.
We later discovered you could easily get to this place by going up the little soi that 999 West is on (Soi Sunset.) 999 West is sign posted on Khao San Road so you can follow the market street through until you are in an open area again. Here you will see Inori Rambuttri Alley a little to the left on the corner. It is the corner building.


The menu had not a lot to offer. I remember struggling to pick on the last day, but I am picky. On the first night we went with our Thai friend he ordered for us and he got me a chicken Pad Thai. My first ever Pad Thai and I devoured it.

Inori Rambuttri Alley
Pad Thai, my new favourite!

When we brought our Canadian friends here I got chicken wings that came with Broccoli. I cannot remember what it was but the sauce was delicious.


You could literally meet anyone in this place. And as our Canadian friends found out you could easily bump into a friend from back home.. Small world huh? There are a lot of locals who eat here too later at night (midnight.) They probably are finishing up a shift and head here for some food before bed.

My favourite part

The location is amazing. It is seconds from Khao San Road and the price drops a fair bit. The food is also amazing and well worth the 1 minute walk.

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My least favourite part

It get super busy on Rambuttri Alley at night. It could really freak people out who are already getting a bit of culture shock. It wasn’t too bad for me but it worried David a little.

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Why you need to eat here - Inori Rambuttri Alley #thailand
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