Instagram: The power of the hashtag

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Who of you are using hashtags to expose your posts to more people? Did you know on Instagram you can use up to 30 hashtags to get your posts seen. Once you learn how to use them properly you will understand the true power of the hashtag

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Hashtag threads

Do you ever click a hashtag and stalk all of the photographs in that category? If you are doing it imagine how many other people are. Use your hashtags wisely and you could see a real steady growth on you account.

Hashtag research

Do hashtag research. What are your ‘competitors’ hashtagging? Could you use the hashtag too? You can use sites and plugins such as Ritetag to find out if your hashtags are a complete flop, or if they might just get you that exposure you are looking for. You can also find out what is trending and jump on the bandwagon. This tool can tell you if the hashtag will get you seen or if it is moving so fast your post will get lost.

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You need to find a balance though. Do you want to rely on #travel and get lost in the crowd…? No. Ideally you want to rank as one of those top 9 popular posts which stay at the top of the hashtag page. So if you gram about travel why not try #traveltuesday or #travelwithkids – the less busy the hashtag the more likely you are to be able to ‘rank’ on the hashtag page for a while.

Find a hashtag mix that works for you

You should find a balance of using some really popular hashtags, and finding some for which you can rank. Then throw in a few more personalised ones for good measure. For example in the the picture below I hashtagged #traquair and #traquairhouse because that is the house in the picture.

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the power of the hashtag
My hashtags are well mixed

People love looking up pictures of brands they own, or want to own, or places they want to go. These hashtags can be useful for long-term exposure.

Join in hashtag games on Facebook

Join in popular hashtag threads in your support groups – In the picture above I done just that. The first comment you see there is from the hashtag owner who is huge in PR in the UK. A whole bunch of people in her support group follow the hashtag and were browsing it for people to engage with. Jackpot!

Feature accounts

Did you know some accounts feature pictures they like which use their hashtag? Look out for accounts which offer this and start to use their hashtag. You may end up being exposed to thousands of users just because they like you. (You can sometimes find lists of feature tags through a quick Google search.) The other users of the hashtag get nosy to see who their competition is too… so they start to have a look at your posts and you account.

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Do you have any other tips on the power of the hashtag? Share them below.

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