Kenya safari and other cool Kenyan experiences

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Before meeting Tasha, ravelling wasn’t something I thought about. Growing up in a small farm town with only a few hundred people in it, meant there wasn’t much to do except play football. Going on trips across the world in different continents (read about our time in The Canaries here) was something I hadn’t done but was super excited to do, so flying to Kenya and experiencing animals in their own habitat on a Kenya safari was something quite different to a normal holiday.

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Interacting with the Locals in Kenya.

Visiting the locals and seeing some of their handmade carvings was incredible. These carvings ranged from simple wooding animals to warrior spears! One of the best things about buying carvings from the locals, was they would make the carvings right there and then but most of all they were so appreciative of you buying with them! For me, knowing that buying from them would help feed their kids, I was happy to do so.

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Kenya safari and Kenyan people
Interacting with the locals

Elephants in their natural habitat.

Lying sleeping in the bush to be woken by the sound of an elephant less that 100 yards from where I was sleeping. This was pretty surreal. Knowing if that elephant wanted it could have trampled right through our camp. Leaving nothing but devastation. So sharing these majestic animals, natural habitat, to sleep in addition a holiday, was pretty cool. Not too many people can say they have done that!

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Elephants at watering hole.

Kenya safari through the bush to see some wildlife.

The very next day I went on a Kenya safari through the bush to see some wildlife! That we did. The very first animals to come across our path that day was a huge troop of baboons. Must have between 20-30 Baboons. They walked straight across that road less than 20 meters from where we were. Not a care in the world about our presence or in other words, didn’t care we were there!

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Kenya safari
Kenya safari in the Bush.


Kenya safari and other cool things that happen in Kenya #keyna
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  • Oh I’d love to camp out in Kenya and see the elephants. Africa would have been an amazing. Place for a small farm kid to see. Did it live up to all your childhood dreams?

  • I have been to Masai Mara, Naivasha and Nakuru and Kenya has some totally awesome experiences. I liked that you mentioned the wildlife in the bush…we saw a honeymooning lion couple! I would love to visit Kenya again to experience the wild in its true form!

  • Kenya is known for wildlife safaris and have heard so many posts about things to do in Kenya that if ever I plan a trip to Africa as a continent- it will start with Kenya and then South Africa comes second 🙂 It is nice to hear that you are getting to explore so many different places / countries – a good change from playing football 🙂

  • Wow camping sounds like it would be an amazing experience, but I’d also be a bit scared haha. I really value having local experiences when I’m travelling, and especially if I know I am directly helping them by buying things from them. Africa is such a dream destination for me and this makes me want to go even more!

  • Camping sounds like an amazing experience but I’d also be scared a bit haha. What if a lion came over?! I really value local experiences when I travel, and being able to directly help the local people as well. Africa is such a dream destination and this makes me want to go even more!

  • I have seen elephants in India and Sri Lanka but I think In Kenya it would be different experience as there is dry grass behind them. Interacting with locals is also amazing as you know the place more when come into touch with local. Girraffe is something unique to watch in safari because I have always seen them in zoo.

  • I’d absolutely love to visit Kenya! Camping out in the wild is a definite dream of mine. I’ve seen Indian elephants in the wild on India, but would love to see their African cousins in Kenya too!

  • I’d love to go on a safari in Kenya! Sounds like an amazing adventure. My in-laws have been on safaris in Africa three times and just keep going back for more. I guess it’s an addiction 😀 I hope they take me with them next time 😀 thanks for sharing!

  • `Kenya has been on my list since forever!! Sleeping close to the elephants seems so cool! I have seen Indian elephants many times, but I’d love to see the African ones too 🙂

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