10 things to try on Khao San Road

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One of my absolute favourite places in the world is Bangkok. I did not even spend long there but I fell in love with the city on the first day there. There are so many reasons I love Bangkok but one is Khao San Road Bangkok night market. There are a whole tonne of night markets and party streets in Bangkok but Khao San Road is by far the best, and not only in my opinion.

The Hub Khaosan
The Hub is on the famous Khao San Road

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Khao San Road offers a whole host of things to do and here are our top ten to do while you are at Khao San Road Bangkok night market.

10 things to try at Khao San Road Bangkok night market

1.  Eat Pad Thai. Pad Thai is my all time favourite Thai food. I never expected to love it so much, especially not love it more than Thai curry but honestly Pad Thai is amazing. You need to try it. There is some amazing street food stalls on Khao San Road or you can nip through the alley to Rambuttri Alley and have some amazing Pad Thai at Inori.

2. Make some friends. Everyone who is travelling in Thailand, or Asia, usually begins their travels at the famous Khao San Road Bangkok night market. This has been the case for many years but it is more true since the movie The Beach came out. You can make friends almost anywhere on Khao San Road but we highly recommend The Hub.

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3. Drink from a bucket. Thailand is well known for serving drinks by the bucket. You can grab huge bucket drinks from most bars on Khao San Road but we enjoyed our first at The Hub.

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4. Eat a bug. I have to admit that I did not try this. Our friend Jock did and had two scorpions during our time on Khao San Road Bangkok night market. He must have liked them!

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5. Eat street food. Now this leads on from the bugs and Pad Thai, but there is a whole range of street food stalls on Khao San Road. You have so many options, one of my favourite were meat skewers that our Thai friend picked for us. After a few drinks these were absolutely divine!

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6. Take a dip in a rooftop pool. That is right people. All your dreams can come true on Khao San Road. The hotels that line the streets are topped with rooftop pools which have bars on them. This is not a drill. Pool party time!

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7. Get a massage. There are massage places all along Khao San Road. You can lay in loungers in the street, watching the world go by while getting a cheap massage. Paradise much?

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8. Shop. Khao San Road Bangkok night market is a market after all. The street is lined with stalls all night so you can shop until your heart is content. We picked up a bunch of cheap shirts there for nothing more than a few quid.

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9. Get a tattoo. I have to admit I did not do this one either. I did consider it and it is hard not to when the street is lined with tattoo parlours. Some of them look really legit and very clean. You can look them up on Instagram too and the work seems really top notch.

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10. Have your feet eaten. You can put your feet into those tanks where the fish eat off the dead skin from your feet on Khao San Road too.

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Khao San Road Bangkok night market

To us, Khao San Road Bangkok night market is an absolute must see while in Bangkok. There is just so much to see and do and you can do it all on the cheap. Of course, wider Bangkok has a lot to offer too, but you would be missing out if you decided to skip Khao San Road.

Khao San Road Bangkok night market is a must see
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You need to check out Khao San Road Bangkok night market
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