Khao San Road, Bangkok

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Upon deciding to take a trip I had dreamed of for over ten years (the movie The Beach had brought about an obsession with Khao San Road) I booked a trip to Thailand on a whim. This came not long after booking a last minute trip to Iceland! My inconsistent employment and small-town lifestyle had prevented me doing this before. This was due to never having either the money or the confidence to travel somewhere like Thailand before now.

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khao san road
On the plane just before landing in Bangkok

The Flight

May came around quickly, and we (David and I, and our friend Jock) packed our backpacks and waved goodbye to Travis as we set off on our adventure. Qatar Airways was our airline of choice, who were at the time rated the best airline in the world according to Skytrax. The alcohol was free, but I told myself not to accept any of it. The flight was too long and I would be too hungover to function when we landed if I did drink – just like in Reykjavik (see my Rekjavik blog post.) The time passed quickly and we landed in Bangkok on May 2nd, yay!

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Checking out Khao San Road

Staying on Khao San Road

We had decided to stay on Khao San Road, because who doesn’t?! Next we checked into our hotel called the Rikka Inn.  This hotel was really clean, the rooms were simple. What I found so awesome about it though was the rooftop pool, something I hadn’t experienced since Malta! We quickly freshened up and headed straight across the street to the first bar we saw – The Hub!

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Khao San Road hotel
The view from the hotel to Khao San Road

The Hub

We immediately made a Thai friend named Pu (said like Po the Tellytubby!) Pu and the rest of us shared a few drinks until he had to go to work. We were quickly becoming aware just exactly how hot Thailand could be, and the heat did not let up as the night drew in. Drinks were needed. My anxiety told me to take it slow; Thailand is dangerous after all. However, the heat made us thirsty and we made so many new drinking buddies it would have been rude to say no! We soon found that our server, Lala, was a bit of a loose cannon and enjoyed a good drink and a dance.

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Khao San Road bar
New friends in The Hub

Rikka Inn

Rikka Inn was right over the road, so we decided to go drop in our nic-nacs we had already been convinced to buy and try out the rooftop pool. A mix of the darkness surrounding us and the drinks we had already had meant the boys walked right past the no diving signs and dived right into the pool, oops. Bruised heads and bruised egos.

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Khao San Road hotel
Rooftop pool @ Rikka Inn

999 West

Before we left The Hub we had convinced Lala to promise to join us for drinks after work, but first of all we must visit Pu, our new Thai friend, at 999 West where he worked.

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Khao San Road
Jock and Pu

Drinking from buckets

We drunkenly called him outside where we took some selfies, added each other on Facebook and headed off to our next location. By now Lala was finished work and he took us on a pub crawl down Khao San Road. The first stop proved a lot to us… too much cash and very little experience of the Thai language results in Absolut Vodka fountains and trashcan sized buckets full of bottles of beer. Oh, and in Thailand the bottles of beer are giant and mixed drinks come in buckets…

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Khao San Road
Vodka fountain

Drinking from fountains

Next after the Vodka-fountain bar was a tiny café serving yet more buckets of drink. This was no ordinary café, there was a DJ booth beside the till. And of course the place became a full on rave. I couldn’t tell you the name of this place because too many drinks had been consumed by now. But what I can tell you is Khao San Road is famous for its scorpions, and it was here Jock tried his first. Crunch crunch! We made yet another Thai friend here named Nikki, who decided to come with us to ‘The Club’.

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Khao San Road
Tasha drinking from the vodka fountain

The Club

The Club, form what I remember, was quiet. After all we were drunk foreigners who rolled up at 9pm expecting a party to be going on. However we did get to dance on stage and take a few more pics! Next stop was for food. You know that meal you feel you NEED when you are drunk, well this was that. Lala took us to a restaurant he likes where we devoured some Pad Thai and decided to call it a night. We headed back to Rikka Inn.

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The next morning

The next morning I woke at 6am, still drunk, and decided to wake up my friends because we were in Bangkok after all, let’s go find food. What we did find was a very hungover Jock and very angry hotel staff who did not appreciate us letting our friend use our extra bed. We were told to leave immediately (at 7am) and were harassed by many phone calls as we packed our bags ready to move on to the next place.

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11,000 baht and three hangovers later I wasn’t afraid of Thailand anymore. It did not seem dangerous, I was comfortable there, I loved it. I loved Bangkok and I loved Khao San Road.

Khao San Road
Partying with our new friends


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