Kids floaters toys you need for the pool

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One thing we learnt pretty quickly at our time at the HTOP Olympic in Costa Brava was that kids who cannot actually swim need pool toys. We did search the local tat shops and found that there was not a lot of choice of pool toys for toddlers, especially not kids floaters toys. I decided at the time to invest in some great pool toys for Travis that would be suitable to carry around in our backpacks.

Life without kids floaters

We spent 8 days in Calella and it was wonderful. We did end up spending stupid money on senseless toys because Travis could not swim he needed something to amuse himself while he played in the water. We found that without toys he got frustrated quickly and ended up slipping under the water because he was trying to amuse himself by running.

kids floaters
The floating toys in their packs

The best kids floaters

When we were deciding on what floating pool toys to get for Travis we really wanted toys that either did not retain water or dried really quickly. We found these choices from Zoggs suited both. The seal flips do not soak in water, and the soakers do soak up water but the fabric is light and airy and dries quickly.

kids floaters
Travis loves his floaters even outside of water

We really like Zoggs and swear by their swimming vests too, so getting our toddlers pool toys from Zoggs too was a no-brainer.

The Seal flips

One of the kids floaters toys we got were the seal flips. These are hard plastic toys that are tightly sealed to keep out water. You get 5 per pack meaning you get plenty of choice for colours, and one pack can amuse more than one little one at a time (this will be a bonus on our family holiday in 2018 with three toddlers.)

kids floaters
There are so many colours to pick from


The seal flips kids floaters are double sided toys with a seal face on each side. The idea behind them is that your kid can try to flip them by blowing them as they swim. This can help increase their confidence as they learn to swim which is a massive bonus on top of the heaps of fun they provide. You can buy some seal flips here.

kids floaters
Each one is double sided

*Bonus: We found that you can play with the seal flips on dry land and try to make them do as many flips as possible by hitting them with your finger. This is a real saviour when we are travelling.

The Soakers

The soakers are such a cute set of toddlers pool toys. They can create a fun an exciting way for your little one to get used to the water and used to being splashed. You can let them soak up water and splash it back out onto your little ones skin to get them used to the felling. The great thing is you can use these at home too as bath toys. Another bonus of this is as then taking them to the pool means your child is having a sense of familiarity when they swim.

kids floaters
The soakers trio

The soakers kids floaters are soft and light with a very light fabric. We love that they have little arms popping out making them easy to hang to dry after a little swim. Get your hands on some soakers here.

We absolutely adore the kids floaters from Zoggs, and they have way more choice of characters on their website too! We have found the toys to be sturdy and well made, and the great thing for us is they take up very little space making them portable – perfect for our little travel family.

What are your favourite toddler pool toys?

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