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Welcome to our family travel blog and kids world travel guide.

Hello! We are The Meldrum’s. Our travel family consists of Mum (Tasha), Dad (David) and our son Travis.  We are a young family of three who are figuring out how to travel around the world with a toddler.  Travelling with a toddler is not easy which is why we figure out and document the best places to travel with kids in this kids world travel guide and family travel centre.

I always wanted to travel and believed my dream of world travel was over when I was diagnosed with a chronic condition that left me on crutches when I was pregnant. Learning more about my condition meant I wanted to travel more than before so I realised I needed to figure out how I can travel the world, and so this family travel blog and kids world travel guide was born.

We decided to book our tickets to Thailand via Qatar and document the whole thing, creating this family travel centre with everything you need to plan your family friendly vacation, as we travel the world for a year. Travelling with a toddler is not easy and there are more concerns when taking a child, such as the safest and best places to travel with kids.

kids world travel guide

Check out: Two months until take off


I am David and I am 23. Travelling was something I was lucky to have loads of opportunity at doing with work. However for me travel with family trumps travel for work every time. I started to look at other family travel blogs to see if travelling with a toddler was possible and it was so obvious to me that I could still complete my bucket list travel goals while travelling the world with a toddler.

Our family travel blog will be a great guide and family travel centre for families with kids who want to know the best places to travel with kids, the realities of travelling with a toddler and how we make round the world travel as a family work for us. Our aim is to make it a kids world travel guide that any family can turn to when they are seeking advice and information on anything to do with family travel. Our family travel centre will be your one-stop-shop for everything family travel.

kids world travel guide
Me in Thailand, May 2016

I really love to travel. I’ve found that its easier to learn, easier to motivate yourself and easier to make friends when you are out there making the most of and travelling the world. I am a big supporter of the work-life balance which is why we started our family travel blog to help us be able to afford to travel the world. This has given us the time and money freedom to be able to see a bit more of the world and we will continue to travel round the world until we feel like we want to stop. In 2016 I spent time in a total of 9 countries. I have been as far as Iceland and Thailand, and as close as England.

kids world travel guide
Me at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland


I’m Tasha… I am 27 and I love to travel with family. My passion for travel started as a kid when my family decided to take us to some of the best places to travel with kids. My travel with family meant I managed to see a lot of Europe when I was younger.

kids world travel guide
Me in Fuerteventura

I remember thinking I would never have the money to travel the world anywhere outside of Europe. I even used to dream of the long flights and when I woke up I always felt that the dream had been totally outside of my reach, really surreal. Then I met David in 2013 and we became really close really quickly. It was the kind of supportive relationship that meant he supported my dream to start a family travel blog and kids world travel guide. He was even supportive when we talked of our crazy idea to travel around the world with a toddler.

kids world travel guide
David and I from 2013

I had never travelled with a partner, never mind travel with kids, heck I had never made realistic future plans or done anything other than go out drinking. Travel became really interesting to me around 2006… I visited Rome with some friends and we began to share our travel stories and bucket list travel ideas yet I just never managed to actually travel the world.

For me the freedom to be able to see these places is what keeps me sane. I was not born to work to pay bills then die. To live on such a wonderful planet and never experience it seems ludicrous to me. Our family travel blog and family travel centre gives me the chance to share my experiences and dreams with other families who want to travel round the world and really give them to push to set off travel with kids, or just give normal families the information they need on the best places to travel with kids.

Life was made for living… And I plan to do exactly that.


My name is Travis and I’m now two years’ old. I got my first passport when I was only a few months old.

kids world travel guide
Shopping with Grandad when Mum and Dad were in Thailand

I am really proud of my Mum and Dad creating this family travel blog and kids world travel guide.  It means my family and friends always know what cool stuff we are up to. My Mum and Dad really help other families like ours get out and see the world. To me that is really inspiring. I think their family travel centre is a great guide for anyone who wants to live like we do.

I make travelling with a toddler one heck of an experience for my Mum and Dad. Travel with family is one of my favourite things to do. I cannot wait to travel the world for a year with my Mum and Dad and find out the best places and things to do when it comes to travel for kids.

Travis on the plane

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kids world travel guide
Travis, Scotland 2017

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