Review: King Busch Reggae Beach

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Hotel: King Busch Reggae Beach

Date: May 10th, 2016

Room: Bungalow with Sea View


Koh Samui was one of my favourite places, so much so we decided to stay an extra night and relax in a beach hut. We picked King Busch Reggae Beach, and more specifically a bungalow with sea view because it was on a nice quiet part of the island, near enough to the sea port to head to Koh Phangan the next day. The bungalow were also nice and cheap to stay for a night.

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The rooms were dark-ish, simple and beautiful. Each hut even had its own bathroom. The views from these bungalows was beyond beautiful. The kind of thing you see in movies.

King Busch Reggae Beach
View from our hut


This part of the island is a lot quieter. There were still stores nearby and we found it didn’t take too long to find a taxi when we left. This is a great place to relax and to explore the sea right in front of your room. You can literally see Koh Phangan from  the beach.

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I didn’t sleep as great here. The bungalows are fan rather than air-con and so I kept waking up hot and sticky. I really enjoyed it though.

King Busch Reggae Beach review
Our bungalow from the inside

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Most of the people here are the backpacker type though we did see some older couples who were just here to relax and get away from it all. This is not really a party area but I can imagine that people do enjoy a good drink on the beach at times.

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King Busch Reggae Beach
Our friend Jock relaxing in the hammock

My favourite part

I loved the fact that we basically had our own private beach. It was so stunning and I have never experienced anything else like it. It was so simple, yet so luxurious.

King Busch Reggae Beach
The sunset that night

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My least favourite part

The only thing that I could say wasn’t great was just that the sand was so hot you always needed flip flops. There is nothing that can be done about that and it is a small price to pay for such a beautiful location.

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King Busch Reggae Beach is the best place to stay on Koh Samui #thailand
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  • The view from your room looking straight out to the beach and the sea is just so beautiful. That in itself would be so hard to beat and you could definitely overlook other stuff that may not have been as perfect. Koh Samui is certainly a lovely island and popular spot in Thailand and you had a great find in your extra night there. The only thing that I tend to admit would bother me would be no aircon during the night…but otherwise I’d love to give this place a try.

    • The scenery was to die for. Definetly my favourite part of Thailand, so relaxed and especially on the King Busch Reggae Beach. I highly recommend staying here.

  • Haha, from the title, I was expecting this to be a post about the Caribbean! Forgive me! Looks like you had a wonderful time there in Koh Samui, never a bad thing to have a private beach. And wearing flip flops all the time is never a bad thing!

    • Haha its okay. Koh Samui was incredible and yeah having a private beach literally 10 metres from your bed is always a plus.

  • The King Busch Reggae Beach is in a perfect location in Koh Samui. I don’t mind there not being any air con, next to the beach and a fan is perfect! You definitely can’t beat the view from the window, I could definitely escape here for a good few days.
    Only By Land recently posted…Melaka to SingaporeMy Profile

  • ahah no there’s nothing you can do against hot sand! Although I’m not bother by it too much. It’s wonderful when you have the feeling to have the beach all for yourself!!

    • The ocean was there to cool your feet in though so wasn’t too bad. Yeah it was great, no on to bug you when your relaxing.

  • Being a backpacker, I am used to staying in rooms which are not air conditioned. So I don’t care for it unless the views are as great as those shared in your blog. Hot sand is fine with me as well since I normally stay inside the water when on a beach vacation.

    • I guess some people are better than others however I do prefer having air conditioned rooms. Yeah the beach was amazing and the ocean was like a bath.

  • It is my dream to visit Koh Samui and I still haven’t made our way there yet! It is nice to have an accommodation at a less crowded location so you can enjoy some quiet vacation time on the island. However, like you said, without a/c, it can be hard to sleep at night.
    Cat recently posted…Food Lovers Company: Barcelona’s Best Food TourMy Profile

  • The room looks basic yet comfortable. What a luxury to have a bit of beach all to yourself.
    I would never want the holiday to end. 🙂

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