Koh Samui things to do on a short trip

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During my first trip to Thailand I spent a mere 4 days on Koh Samui. Now I know it is not a long time so I wanted to make a post to address what I found were the best Koh Samui things to do. If I managed do them in four days, anyone can!

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Koh Samui things to do
Ark Bar

Chaweng beach:

Chaweng is probably the most popular part of Koh Samui since it boasts an insane nightlife and stunning beaches. We stayed at a nice hotel called the First Hotel Samui. Just a tip if you plan to stay here this is very confusing to taxis drivers since there is First Villas, First hotel and some other First all in this area. First House is located right between Chaweng beach and Chaweng Noi beach. It was a perfect location. It’s very close to the beaches and some other amazing places such as restaurants, scuba diving schools and bike rental stores. We found a great little Italian right up the road from the hotel and the owner was really nice and offered great tips about the nightlife.

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Chaweng beach we found the inferior of the two. It wasn’t a very wide beach and the sunbathing loungers belonged to certain hotels along the strip so you weren’t really meant to sit there unless you were staying with them. We had hoped to find something like a beach filled with bars who had seats and loungers. This was more the case at Chaweng Noi. There was a sign to say it was a private part of beach for the First Villas, but we went anyway and no one said a thing. This beach was stunning and the sand was less rough on the feet. This beach was quieter and you could have a very safe and enjoyable time with kids here as we saw many families do.

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Nightlife on Koh Samui:

As I said before the nightlife in Chaweng is amazing! We tried a few places and we loved this place called the Islander, its right across the street from Ark Bar. These were our favourite Koh Samui bars.

Koh Samui things to do
Kamakazee Cocktails at The Islander

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This place had it all, cheap cocktails, great company and football on the TVs. We tried our first cocktails here and fell in love with some with crushed ice (obviously) called Kamakazees. These were blue vodka goodness and went down a treat in that heat! We headed to Ark bar next. We went through a little alley toward the reception, which our friend Jock joked should be called Deception – and he was right. This looked like any other quiet hotel, but once you get around the back… oh.my.god. This place was bouncing. There was a DJ, drinks everywhere, pool table, pool, lounger and fire artists! These guys has serious skills!!

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Koh Samui things to do
Fire art at Ark Bar

Nearby was an awesome Reggae bar which we attended with our new pals Kirstie and Shane. This place was amazing, well the music at least. The staff here scammed us and laughed in our faces when we questioned it. A Thai reggae band was on stage doing all sorts of reggae covers and it was amazing. However the behavior of the staff did cause us to leave this place though. Like I said the waiter was charging us more and more per round which had the same drinks as before, and laughed in our faces when we pulled him up.

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Viewpoints on Koh Samui:

During our time in Chiang Rai (read more about this here) we found a great map of Koh Samui which detailed the locations of the best viewpoints on the island. They did not disappoint. We went by scooter to the ones we found on the map and found some really interesting sites and absolutely stunning views. I highly recommend checking these out as they were one of our favourite Koh Samui things to do.

Koh Samui things to do
Viewpoint near Lamai

Waterfalls on Koh Samui :

OK, so we were mainly disappointed when looking for waterfalls because the heatwave totally dried a lot of them up! But we did find one just near Lamai which was called Had Lin waterfall. It was stunning and you could jump in for a dip!

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There is so much more to do on Koh Samui. For example you can bike the whole island. I recommend taking a day out for doing it. It was one of the best days of the trip. We went to a Zoo, but I wouldn’t say I recommend it. While it was amazing seeing the animals you could tell they were miserable. The heat was unbearable and most of them retired into the shade to rest. I would also highly recommend King Busch Reggae beach for a stay.

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Koh Samui also has amazing huts right on the beach. Each hut has a fan and its own bathroom so your all set there. The location is amazing, literally right on the beach. The place has it all, we ate here and loved it. There is a 7/11 nearby too if you wanted some beers. Its a quiet part of the island so don’t expect a wild night.

Koh Samui things to do
View while biking round the island

Overall, Koh Samui is awesome. There is way more on offer than what I have listed here, there is mummified monks, football golf, a giant Buddha. You name it, Koh Samui has it. If you are here for a Koh Samui holiday or are here long there there are plenty Koh Samui things to do if you do a little research.

Koh Samui things to do
Viewpoint on Koh Samui


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