Review: La Casita Corralejo

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Restaurant: La Casita Corralejo

Location: Calle Gran Canaria, Corralejo

Date: December 2016


La Casita Corralejo was on Call Gran Canaria, the same street as our apartment. It had an outdoor area which was in the sun which is why we chose to have our lunch here one afternoon. The place operates different menus for different times of day, which we found out the hard way when we returned for something we had loved and it was no longer there.

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La Casita Corralejo

The place was nice, we used the WiFi which was good. The tables were clean and well kept especially considering they table cloths were white and were in an outdoor area, they were stunningly clean.


La Casita Corralejo is on the corner of Calle Gran Canaria and the main strip in Corralejo. It is close to all of the local hotels so its easy to find. If you head toward Burger King it is only 1 street up from there.


We really enjoyed our first meal here. We enjoyed it so much we returned to try and have it again a few days later but the menu had changed because of the time. The second meal was okay, just far too heavy for the time of day (we were hoping for a late lunch but it was an evening meal menu.)

La Casita Corralejo
Travis in La Casita

I really enjoyed a tuna ciabatta here, but the Carbonara was way too heavy for a lunch meal! Travis has chips both times and really enjoyed them.


There were plenty of other tourists in La Casita Corralejo when we were here to eat. It was actually pretty busy most of the times we went past too.

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My favourite part

La Casita Corralejo was really close to the hotel and so was an easy walk for us to get something really yummy at short notice.

My least favourite part

We found it strange that this place had an identical menu to one further down the street. Exactly the same. It would have been nice to know if they were linked rather than find out by confusion and almost eat somewhere else that would have served heavy food at the wrong time.

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La Casita Corralejo
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