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After two weeks in Thailand it is hard to find even the strangest of things to be strange anymore. You kind of get used to the weird way they do things… There are a few reasons why I consider Thailand the land of the free.

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land of the free
In a bar on Khaosan Road

A lack of rules in the land of the free

Seeing the careless way they do things really opened up how I felt about the country. It really actually made me realised how strict the UK is. A lot of people live in a fear culture and even more so in a culture of ‘whats legal is right.’ Two weeks in Thailand made me realise… that is not me.

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Actually I kind of thrive off they way to do things out there. I remember being in a bar on Khaosan road. By this time I had had quite a few drinks and I needed to pee… I went up some dodgey steps to find a toilet and when I got to the top and looked over the balcony I realised that there wasn’t any banister. Literally there was a shoelace tied along to look like one.

You wouldn’t see that in the UK

In the UK people would see this as a goldmine. One fall off that balcony and they could get so much compensation they probably wouldn’t have to work for a really long time. It sounds over the top but that is really how people think here.

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I actually got a bit of a buzz knowing that things weren’t totally safe… Sounds mad. But I was just happy to know that these small business owners can get on with their work, continue making a living even if there are small problems with their property, which in other countries could put them out of business. We had a staff member climb up on to a table to pour our drinks in another bar… that would never be allowed here

land of the free
Climbing up to pour the fountain

For me this is what the land of the free really is. Being able to make money even if things aren’t quite right, to someone else’s standards. Freedom is being able to work when you need to, being able to provide for yourself and your family. Thailand can give so many people, so much. Freedom is just one of those things.

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land of the free
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