Lanzarote things to do – Take a volcano tour

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I used to travel a lot with my family. I probably have my Dad to thank for my travel bug. If I remember right we went to Lanzarote in about 2006. I asked my Step-Mum and my Dad and they believe we went to Puerto Del Carmen. They rented us out a great villa for the five of us. This time we were away with my Dad, my Step-Mum, my brother Corey and my sister Vicki. In Lanzarote things to do were top of our discover list.

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Lanzarote things to do
Green Lake

We did a lot of sightseeing while on the island and one of the highlights was a Lanzarote volcano tour. We were really excited to go on this because we had learnt that the island was so lava covered that it had even been used to film movies that were set on the moon!

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The bus

We got on a pretty big coach which had lots of others on it. It was comfortable, if I remember right. I sat with my sister Vicki and we listened to Blink 182 instead of the tour guide which annoyed my Dad. I was kind of at that age where I was obsessed with music and YouTube so I actually took some videos during the trip.

You can see that the guide is easy to understand and the windows are big and clean giving you a great view of the island as you travel through the volcano route.

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Stopping for views

We stopped on this tour a couple of times. One of which was to park up and look out at the views. There were really something and you could see for miles from the edge of this cliff.


During our stop we were taken around to see some of the cool things the volcano could do. At one part they had set up a stove area, and were grilling chicken purely from the heat of the volcano.

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They also demonstrated how a fissure works. You see a lot of these in Iceland too, but these ones in Lanzarote the guides threw water in to make them react and blow it right back out.

Holding lava

We were also allowed to pick up hot lava. Obviously this was lava rocks, not molten lava that would melt off our skin.

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There was a lot more to see on this tour, but this was some of the highlights! Can you think of any more Lanzarote things to do?


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