A Maltese Festival in pictures

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I was a lot younger when I went to Malta so I am glad i am writing down what I remember now, before its totally gone! One of the highlights of the trip was getting caught up in a Maltese Festival in the busy streets of the island.

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We got caught up in this totally by accident, we just stumbled upon it when we went out exploring. One of the reasons I love exploring – you never know what you will find.


I remember the streets becoming really busy and getting lost in a crown of people and being totally overwhelmed. I could not grasp what was happening or why so many people were flooding the streets.

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Getting lost in the crowd

It soon became clear what was going on when a lot of colourful people began to emerge.

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A parade

A parade of people began to march in front of us. They were super colourful and held flags of blue that reminded me of the sea that surrounded the island.

Maltese Festival
Maltese Festival parade

Everyone who had been minding their own business began to gather around and watch as the people marched past us. I remember thinking the parade of people in the Maltese Festival looked religious, like how you expected The Pope to dress!

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Other exciting things were happening

People were really excited all round, but there were much more going on. I remember a horse and cart passing us in the tiny streets. I was so nervous the horse might kick me because the streets were so small it ended up so close to me!

Maltese Festival
A horse and cart pulled people past us in the street

The whole time the sun was shining on another beautiful day on the island. You can see it break through the buildings in the pictures.

Do you happen to know what this Maltese Festival was? I’d love to learn more about it. For more traditional Maltese culture head over the to silent city of Mdina.

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A Maltese Festival in pictures #malta #travel
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How to enjoy a Maltese Festival #malta #travel
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