Most Beautiful Places In Scotland

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Scotland is a country that is full of beautiful places. These range from mountain tops touching the clouds, Lochs soo deep no one knows whats on the bottom to unbelievable landscape and scenery throughout the whole country. So for me to sit here and tell you what and where the most beautiful places in Scotland are would be impossible. However, I am going to give you some very amazing recommendations. Before I give you my first recommendation, I want to include that my home nation was voted the most beautiful country in the world on the 04/09/17 by tourist travel book ‘Rough Guide’ and beat the likes of Iceland, England and even Thailand to the top spot.

Scottish Lowlands

The Scottish Lowlands is primarily from South of Edinburgh and also runs up the East Coast to Aberdeen. The furthest south county to neighbouring country England is know as the Scottish Borders. This is the part of Scotland we are from and have grown up in this amazingly beautiful area. Along with the Scottish Borders being incredibly beautiful there is also a lot of history to be seen from different centuries. Our small hometowns of Innerleithen and Walkerburn are only two miles apart but let me share with you the beauties of these towns.

Both of these towns are within valleys, so surrounded by hills. These hills offer fantastic hikes through the woods to amazing viewpoints. One of these hills in Innerleithen is home to a very famous, world renown Mountain Biking track where championships happen every year. So for kids growing up, Mountain Biking is just as popular as Football and Rugby. Innerleithen is also home to an award-winning Ice-cream shop called Caldwells Icecream Shop. One of the most beautiful places in Scotland I have seen is Grey Mares Tale. This is a waterfall in the middle of nowhere on the way to Edinburgh from Innerleithen on the B709.


Most Beautiful country in the world
Grey Mares Tale

Scottish Highlands

This is somewhere I haven’t been an awful lot however you only need to go once to see how beautiful the highlands really are. The Scottish Highlands is home to the very famous route 500 that many tourists come to do in Scotland. Route 500 is a road that starts and finishes at Inverness Castle and takes you all the way round 516 miles of the beautiful Highlands seeing many amazing little villages and some breathtaking landscape.

Fort George, Inverness

Also in the Scottish Highlands that is open to tourists is the very popular Fort George in Inverness. Fort George is a star shaped fort packed full of history and is still home to active soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, Black Watch, Royal Regiment of Scotland. I find it amazing that tourists can come into the fort and interact with soldiers and see how they live day to day.

Western Isles

I find the Western Isles are beautiful in a very different way to the mainland. The majority of these Isles haven’t got a huge population and has masses of land that is mother natures. These lands are home to many different species of wildlife. The Western Isles also host a great course from Primal Bushcraft & Survival that teach people lifelong skills in-case they end up in the worse case scenario. I have personally attended one of their day events in Dalkeith and it was amazing what they taught me.

Lastly the most appealing attraction to me on the Western Isles is the popular Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye. These crystal clear pools of water really are a must see if you are on the Isle of Skye and well worth travelling to Skye if your on mainland Scotland.

Most Beautiful Places in Scotland
Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye

Where do you think the most beautiful places are in Scotland?

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  • I’d like to explore more of Scotland, I’ve just been to Edinburgh before & somewhere by a lake for a wedding which was gorgeous! I’ve heard great things about the Isle of Skye, that’s next on my list!

  • I have been obsessed with Scotland since watching Outlander, I absolutely MUST get on a visit to Fort George in Inverness, so cool that you can go into the fort and interact with soldiers and see how they live day to day.

  • I feel like this post is just for me! We’re planning a trip to Inverness because I have a hotel stay voucher and we’ve never explored Scotland so I’m really excited to actually see some highlands! The natural wonders up there just look beautiful, I’m not surprised it was voted the most beautiful country in the world either!
    Mel Jones recently posted…10 Cool things to see in Bristol…in a day!My Profile

  • I can completely believe that Scotland is on eof the most beautiful countries. My daughter just traveled there for a week and was accompanied by Chris Newman, a well-known drone videographer. The footage he took while flying that drone over castles and through slot canyons and past craggy rock formations was just incredible! (, if you want to see it!) I was interested in your information about Fort George and seeing the Black Watch in action and driving Route 500. It all sounds so wonderful!
    Tami recently posted…See the Whale Sharks and Marine Life of Baja!My Profile

  • Scotland is easily one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet – I personally fell in love with t he Scottish Highlands. Yes, it’s very touristy especially if you’re there during peak seasons, but there was nothing better than renting a car and pulling off to the side of the road to just stare in awe at that scenery!

  • Award winning ice cream, you say? Count me in. I love Scottish food, from the fresh salmon and root veggies to all the Indian food (though I’ve never braved haggis…. maybe I shouldn’t speak more until I do!) We’re hoping to include Scotland in our 2018 travel plans and I can’t wait to take in this beautiful scenery in person.

  • Scotland has always looked amazing to me. I an see why it voted the most beautiful place. I would love to do Route 500 and check out the Western Isles too!

  • The Highlands give me butterflies seriously. I was there back in July and drove like a mad woman to see as much of it was possible! I got to see half of the 500 road up to John O Groats and also made it across to Skye. The fairy pools are incredible!

  • My wife couldn’t figure out why Scotland was so high up on the list of places I’ve been dying to visit. But showing her posts like this have started to change her mind!

  • I did read that Scotland was voted most beautiful. And it must be judging from the photos! The Highlands look so stunning, can’t wait to visit and do some hikes!

  • I have heard wonderful things about Inverness and hope to visit this part of Scotland when I return to the U.K. Grey Mares Tales looks lovely – the photo reminds of an area in the Alps near Megeve. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful places in Scotland.

  • Who doesn’t love Scotland? It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. I fell in love with the Scottish lowlands and highlands. However, when I went last time it was all covered in a snow blanket. I am going there next month. Can’t wait to rediscover it again, especially the Scottish Highlands.

  • I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to reach my goals. I certainly enjoy reading all that is posted on your site.Keep the stories coming. I enjoyed it!

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