Movies in Thailand: 3 to get you excited for a Thailand holiday

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I am guessing by coming across this post you have planned a trip to Thailand or have booked a Thailand holiday package. Or like me you are borderline obsessed with the county. When I am missing the glorious views, gentle waves and gorgeous palm trees I like to watch a movie to remind me of it all. First and foremost here are my top 3 movies in Thailand to get you excited for your travels.

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The Beach

This is to go-to movie in Thailand. Obviously most people have heard of this thanks to Leo!

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The Beach focuses on Richard, an American (unlike the book) who is travelling Thailand alone. He comes across a map showing the location of a secret, paradise island and tries to find it with two new friends he meets on Khao san Road. Read about my trip to Khao san here. The movie depicts their journey to the island and life on the island after that.

Lost in Thailand

Lost in Thailand is a Chinese movie about Thailand. For this reason if you want to watch it you need to be okay with subtitles. I can promise you it is totally worth it! Of course it is especially important if you are interested in Northern Thailand such as Chiang Mai.

Xu travels to Thailand on a mission to find his missing boss, all the while his rival is hot on this trail. He enjoys the trip with his new friend Wang, who helps to open his eyes about what is really important, and what is not.

The Elephant King

The Elephant King is another movie based in Thailand, focusing on the area around Chiang Mai. It follows the stories of two brothers on the path to self-destruction while living on the wild side in Thailand.

I do not want to give too much away about the plots of these movies in Thailand, all I can tell you is they get me really excited to get back to my Thailand travel. I’d give them a shot…

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Just the movies in Thailand to watch to get you excited about your travels! #travel
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