One month until take off

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It is actually pretty crazy to be sat here writing that I leave in 1 month for my family’s crazy gap year.  Our plans have chopped and changed as prices fluctuated and new ideas came to light, but it is almost finally set in stone now. Follow our family gap year blog and kids world travel guide as we work our way around the world with our two year old.

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Where we stand now

David is finally finished work now, which means we are both full time digital nomads. We put in ‘shifts’ on our website since there is a lot of work to be done to get it up and running to its full potential before we leave. That means I am teaching David a lot of what I have learnt so he can actually be part of planning our family gap year and coming up with family gap year ideas of his own to add into the plan. He is becoming a Pinterest master and has taken the free course that helped me smash all targets on Pinterest.

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my family's crazy gap year
Us ‘working;’

We have been taking on jobs as they come on Upwork and have gotten more sponsorship deals to help us save money on our trip. We are pairing up with some really great brands that we cannot wait to share with you.

Getting packed for my family’s crazy gap year

We went shopping in Edinburgh to get the last of the bits we need so we can pack our bags before we go. There are only a few things we still need for our family gap year, and since a family gap year with children is a little more complex, we still need to buy a few things such as the ones below. It is important to protect kids from everything you possibly can because their little bodies cannot cope as well as ours do.

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Final checks

Travis has had his vaccinations but there may be a couple more he needs so we are going back to talk with the doctor about that and get him a final check since he will miss his 27 month check with the health visitor. David is awaiting his results from the tests but I have mine and I have been diagnosed with arthritis in a few places. Not ideal at 27 but I will make it work.

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my family's crazy gap year
Travis got vaccinated at Edinburgh Travel Clinic

Ideally my family’s crazy gap year will not include trips to the ER but if Spain is anything to go by then Travis will probably have us there at some point. My mistake in Spain was travelling without Calpol so I will not be making that mistake again.

Our businesses

We will be taking our Forever business mainly online now. This might mean we lose some customers because most of them are in our home base and will probably prefer to buy from a distributor than on our online store, but we will continue to try and build an online Forever empire.

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Our travel website is continuing to do well and we are learning more and more about making it show up in Google, and our hard work is bringing in results now. We are going to use our website to document our family gap year in the form of a family gap year blog. Our aim is to have a kids world travel guide that any family can refer to to find out the best things to do with their families in each location.

My family’s crazy gap year plans

A year doesn’t sound like very long but it sure feels it when we see how many places we are going to in that time. My family’s crazy gap year starts in Scotland, since that is where we are from. You can see more details of our first three months of the trip in the post but basically we fly into the Middle East, out to South East Asia then back into Europe for a while. We will head stateside for a while before coming back to Europe to spend a month in the mountains writing up everything for our family gap year blog to get it up to date.

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We do come back to the Scottish Borders a few times throughout the trip, this helps us regroup, save some money, work hard and see family.

So what’s next?

Literally we are going to work our butts off until we go. We want to write as many guides for our local area as possible, and get some vlogs up for people who want to come by this area so they know what to expect. Maybe push to lose some more weight or learn to eat less Chinese food…maybe. We are going to spend a lot of time with family and friends and make an effort to see as many people as possible before we go.

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my family's crazy gap year
We will spend a lot of time with family

So you can follow our family gap year blog to get family gap year ideas, watch my family’s crazy gap year on YouTube or plan your own family travel using our kids world travel guide.

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