My top tips on getting wifi in Kenya

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Wifi in Kenya is kind of difficult and can be pretty temperamental. There are two main networks that were in use at the time I was there. These were Orange and Safaricom. I found the Safaricom was the better out of the two. You managed to get a decent signal in most locations whereas the Orange network struggled to find signal. I bought a wifi box from safaricom. My top tips on getting wifi in Kenya then…

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tips on getting wifi in Kenya

Wifi box from Safaricom

The wifi box was fantastic. When I bought it the salesman set it all up for me and all I had to do was top it up when I ran out of data. This was super cheap to do and the data lasted ages, however I was sharing my box with a friend so the data ran out twice as fast. The wifi box could connect ten devices at any one time. However this did affect the wifi speed.

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Free wifi at airport

Many airports around the world have free wifi throughout there airports. Nairobi International Airport was no different. However it was only a free 15 minutes for every customer and then you had to buy some data. So although they limited the free wifi you could use, I was still able to message back home and tell my family that I was safe and I was going to be boarding my flight shortly.

Free wifi in restaurants

tips on getting wifi in Kenya

Finding somewhere to have a bite to eat as well as wifi wasn’t to difficult in bigger towns. This was good because not only was the food good at the places I stopped, the wifi connection and internet speed were great. I also found this to be the case in Bangkok where bars and restaurants would offer free wifi.

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How to find the best wifi in Kenya #kenya #travel
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The best way to get connected to wifi in Kenya #kenya #travel
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 wifi in Kenya

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  • Yes, wi-fi can be a challenge when you’re travelling. I currently have a friend who’s working for a period in an old house in England. The only place she can get wi-fi is in the kitchen which is evidently freezing. Today, I’m reminded It’s a Wonderful World!

  • Those are some good tips. Yes, there are some airports that provide free wifi for a limited amount of time. Still, that’s better than no-wifi at all. Esp while roaming internationally, wifi is so essential!

  • Oh I love free wifi! It makes keeping in touch with family back home so much easier and cheaper. If I ever get that way I’ll be sure to tray safricom

  • I have not been to Kenya yet but this post on where to get wifi is very useful and has some great tips. Though most airports I know of only seem to have wifi for a limited time 1-2hrs unless you are in the business lounge and then it is unlimited. However, I am not complaining when I get it for free anywhere 🙂 I am with you on the restaurants

  • It can definitely be a challenge to find wifi when we travel, and I’m not surprised that it would be in Kenya! I find restaurants and cafes one of the best places, except if they are super busy and make you feel guilty for nursing one drink forever! The wifi box sounds really interesting. I’ve never thought of trying one!

  • Africa shall be enjoyed without any connection. Well that’s not true now a days so search for wifi can be frustrating in some parts. Thanks for sharing the tips. Will be a treat for someone who wants to enjoy the wilderness and share it too at the same time.

  • A WiFi box from Safaricom seems like the way to go in Kenya. When it’s too hot there, an ice cold Coca Cola in a restaurant would be perfect whilst enjoying some free Wifi. Kenya Airways is often the cheapest airline to get to other African countries so it’s good to know they have free 15 minutes WiFi if I was to change in the airport.

  • Getting free WiFi during Travelling is the biggest task and achievement. Good you have given tips for Kenya. Surely we will go for Safaricom signals.

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