Review: Nok Air

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Airline: Nok Air

Type: Budget airline

Date: May 2016

Flight: Short haul


We flew with Nok Air from Bangkok to Chiang Mai while exploring Thailand. We made a mistake booking the flight and wanted to change it (even if it cost) but the airline were really unaccommodating. They did not want to change the flight no matter what so we ended up boarding it and changing our plans. The plane was clean and colourful but it was a scary flight and the plane jumped up and down a lot in the sky. Probably the worst flight I have had to endure.

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The airline offer food and drink as part of the cost which was a pleasant surprise to us. We had a small carton of water which was totally different from anything I have ever seen before. It opened like a yogurt. It was refreshing all the same. There was also a cake with black jelly inside which was not appealing at all.


We have found the staff to be friendly and very well mannered. They were really kind and even took time to explain everything to us in English even though it is not their first language.


We met a mix between locals and travellers on Nok Air. It was a nice balance and everyone was very friendly.

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My favourite part

I love the bright colours that come with Nok Air. Everything is yellow and it reminds me a little of Ryanair. I also thought it was great that a budget airline offered complimentary drinks and snacks, that is not something which happens in Europe.

My least favourite part

I did not enjoy this flight at all. I think it was to do with the severe heat in Thailand at the time. It cause air pockets or something and caused the plane to jump around a lot. It was really scary at the time.

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