Why not to get hair braids in Portugal

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I went to Portugal with my family a few years back and loved it. There were some pretty memorable moments, mainly travel disasters (which we are pretty good at experiencing!) My sister got her full head braided because that was the cool thing to do then, she immediately regretted it. Here is why you shouldn’t get hair braids in Portugal.

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Or you can at least prepare yourself for what might happen if you do!

What are braids?

If you aren’t sure what braids are then picture tiny, tight little plaits which run from the forehead right down to the back of the neck. They separate the hair in tiny little lines revealing lines of the scalp to the elements.

Summer in Portugal

Summers in Portugal can get pretty hot. The same happens with most destinations around Europe. Many people think because it is Europe that it stays cool. The cool wind may trick you into thinking so (it certainly has to me many times.)

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dangers of Ibiza
Our nasty burns in Ibiza

The sun can be unrelenting and burn down on every part of your body while you are clueless to its heat, because you are enjoying a nice breeze.

Getting braids

Getting braids was the cool thing to do when you were a kid. My sister Vicki wanted them so bad and our parents finally agreed!

braids in portugal
Discussing the braids over breakfast

She was really chuffed with the outcome and loved the braids for a whole day.

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The next morning

The next morning after getting her braids in Portugal my sister began to complain of pain. The sun had done it’s job and burnt every exposed piece of skin on her head.

hair braids in Portugal
The sun hard at work

At first we kind of ignored her and assumed she just didn’t like how tight the braids were, but the truth was she was really suffering with burns all over her head.

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Have you ever had sunburn from braids? Any good tips to avoid it? Interested in knowing more about Portugal? Check out these 30+ interesting facts about the country.

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