How NOT to plan a trip to Iceland

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I was so excited earlier this yeah when we found an amazing deal for two a two day trip to Iceland. I booked it up pretty quickly and thought nothing much more about it for a while. I began to plan like mad. I had maps printed and began to plan out our trip to Iceland.

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I didn’t realise that my biggest mistakes had already been made.

Check the deal thoroughly

The first mistake I made was not reading the deal properly. I found it on holiday pirates and it should have been around £200 each. I ended up paying £200 each on just the hotel and then had to pay the flights on top of that. I hadn’t properly checked what each cost would be so I ended up booking something which turned out to be way more expensive than I had anticipated

trip to Iceland

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I didn’t really check the flight times or anything I just snapped up the deal really quickly. It turned out we landed in the evening so the first day was a write off. The last day our flight was at such a time that we basically lost almost the whole day because of transport times. We really only had one day in Iceland.

Check the times for attractions

I read maps and reviews continuously and knew what I wanted to see and where it was. I just happened to also not bother to check times of anything. This meant that we missed out on seeing the whales because we went to Dunkin’ Donuts before the pier. We also missed the Viking Museum because of eating first. Do not do as we did and miss out on the Hallgrimskirkja.

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Our terrible timings meant we also ate mainly in the hotel and missed out on a lot of cool Icelandic experiences.

Know where your hotel is

I also didn’t really check the location of the hotel. I booked it up and only realized later that it was a good walk from the city centre. This meant that when we landed it was pretty much already too late to go to the town.

trip to Iceland
Our hotel was outside of the city

Know whats included in your stay

Our cost didn’t include breakfast, or access to the pool. This cost us a huge chunk more money and time was lost trying to work it all out and fit it in around everything else.

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trip to Iceland
None of the food was included in the price

Pick your days wisely

We had hoped to enjoy some drinks on the beautiful Icelandic streets as we had read so much about how much fun it was. The problem was we booked up for Tuesday-Thursday. No one parties on the weekdays.

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Check out what we did manage to do in on our trip to Iceland.

How NOT to plan a trip to Iceland #travel
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How not to plan your trip to Iceland #travel
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  • Things don’t always go right do they? We have certainly learned this the hard way ourselves. While not perfect, I would imagine this is probably one of the trips that sticks out most in your memories. Looking back on travel mishaps has given me some pretty good laughs.

  • Unfortunately, we all have to learn some things the hard way. You just have to hope you learned the lessons for the next time! And I loved Iceland so much, I can’t imagine it being a bad trip even if it wasn’t exactly what you planned! You’ll just have to go back again!

  • Iceland was expensive for me too even when I planned it! I agree you should check the flight times to make sure the days are complete or at least half days. I’m curious to check out holiday pirates.
    James recently posted…Singapore to MedanMy Profile

  • One thing I regret terribly when visiting Iceland was staying only in Reykjavik. I hear there are so many nice road trips you can take around the country and hopefully will do that when I visit next. However, I am exactly like you when I travel- I never check anything 🙂 It is definitely really frustrating but there’s loads of joy that comes with it!

  • I’d like to go to Iceland someday, so I will definitely take your advice when planning the trip. I am kind of a planner, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t had our share of mistakes, and that usually prompts us to try the destination again. Also, I’m pretty flexible in my plans, usually, so even if I plan something out, it often changes. I just like dreaming about trips and what is there to see! Thanks for the great tips!

  • Awww so sorry to hear this. Unfortunately things like these happens. Hope an awesome and amazing holiday will make up for this soon:) thanks for sharing no matter what as this will be a good lesson for your readers!

    • You are right, and yeah we are embarking on a 9 month trip leaving for South-East Asia in September so really looking forward to that! Yeah exactly, always want to help fellow travellers out by giving hints and tips on locations we have been.

  • Oh dear, your Iceland trip really caused you lot of heartburn but look at the brighter side – it gave us this post. Not checking the deals, attraction times, hotel packages is something that i have messed up too in the past. I am glad I learned quickly from those lessons.

  • Sorry to hear that you Iceland trip went not as good as your expected because of the miscalculation. But at least now you have the experience and next time it is going to be much better and make the best out of it. 🙂

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