Online business: How mine paid for a holiday

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Earlier this year I travelled to Thailand (see my blog posts about Thailand.) I came home with an eagerness to see more of the world and I knew the best way to do this was to start my own online business. This is something I had always wanted to do, which is why I have a degree in Business. I had started a seamstress company with my Mum (check out Oh Sew Angie on Facebook!) a year before! Only this time I wanted to find something I could do from anywhere in the world, potentially location-free!

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online business
Attractive working locations

I began to scour the internet for ideas. This is where I came across some really exceptional people who were earning thousands of pounds a month working from anywhere in the world… and finally it led me to investigating and joining a network marketing company. Research and questions led to a phone call with a company representative who later become my mentor. I signed up on August 8th 2016.

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Some serious hard work and determination gave an income of approximately £325 within six weeks of joining! This was huge for me, and David had joined and made the same. Impressive! This meant a complete total of £650 pure profit. Since then we have had a consistent business and for this reason we now have extra money each month. All of this is done working in our spare cracks of time, online, on the phone and sometimes in person (if we wish!)

online business
Us enjoying our apartment in Fuerteventura

In the beginning of November I decided to take a plunge and use those profits to book our first ‘family’ trip with Travis. We wanted to have a good balance between it not costing too much but still feeling quite exotic. For this reason we picked Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. We flew to Corralejo in Fuerteventura on December 10th! It was a very liberating feeling to be there, and not to have put the cost of it on a card or have taken it out our wages!

online business
The views from the harbour in Corralejo

The great thing is anyone can start this kind of business, after all you do not need any special education. In fact there are many people from different walks of life in our team! It might just be what you are looking for… Of course it not for everyone, but if you are looking for extra money or a huge change in career, then an online business could be for you too. Ready to learn about more ways to make money online? Find out how The Blogger Philippines works from home.

How my online business paid for a holiday
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