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It has been a while since I traveled to Paris. I have actually been on two occasions, both of which were by land and ferry. I have put together this Paris travel guide to help you decide what to do and where to go on your next trip to Paris. Interested in a long weekend in Paris? Check out this perfect three day itinerary.

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Getting there

You have a few options. I am going to focus on coming from the UK as that is where I came from and have experience in.


You can fly there. Simple. I suggest using Skyscanner as it is by far my favourite option for booking flights. Skyscanner has so many different ways to search that it is hard to find a flight that is out of your price range if you can be flexible.

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Paris Travel guide
Check for the cheapest month

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You can use the ‘cheapest month’ option to find out the cheapest time of year to fly from your starting point, or you can view the whole month and pick the days with the cheapest flights to leave.

paris travel guide
Pick the cheapest day of the month


By boat/bus and ferry

One of the times I went to Paris was by car and on the boat at Dover, another we used a bus to take us as it was for a school trip.

ferry paris travel guide
Take the ferry


You can also grab a train and travel through the Euro Tunnel to get to Paris.

train paris travel guide
Hop on a train to France

Arriving in Paris

When you arrive in Paris you want to be able to get to your destination as quickly and safely as possible. Most likely you flew into Paris and want to get from the airport to your hotel. I recently read an article about a Parisian local who was robber in her own city when using the train so for me that is off the cards, I cannot risk my laptop being stolen so I began to find other options for my next trip.

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paris travel guide transfer
Use t2tranfer to get from the airport to your hotel

For the safest and quickest transfers I recommend t2transfer. You can read all about their airport transfers here.


I am a huge fan of and Agoda and you can find out why here (link to another article of mine.) Agoda lets you earn air miles when you sign up for certain frequent flyer programs and gives you a free destination guide for the place in which you book a hotel. Use this link to get yourself £15 free credit for your stay in Paris.

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We stayed in a campsite near the city in a caravan when we went with family. It was a lot of fun with a lot of options for us to do as a family.

The sights

There is lots to see and do in Paris, you can find out in detail about that on the Lonely Planet. While I was in Paris we sadly missed out most of the major attractions but we did make it to Disneyland.

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You want to make time to see these popular sights when you go to Paris;

The Louvre

louvre paris travel guide
Louvre, Paris

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The Eiffel Tower

eiffel-tower-paris travel guide
The Eiffel Tower

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The Arc De Triomphe

arc de triomphe
The Arc De Triomphe

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There are also a lot of war memorials in and around the Paris area, such as Flanders Fields in Ypres, which are truly fascinating for the history buffs out there. We spend the majority of our time at the historical sites rather than the most famous ones.

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You can also do day trips to nearby Belgium. We enjoyed a day here and bought some lovely chocolates and saw some great museums too.

There is a lot to do in Paris, as you can see. If you care to venture a little further you can enjoy the wonderful French countryside and even visit other countries for the day. There is a lot of history in Paris to see so it is always useful to plan your trip well before you go.

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Have you been to Paris before? What did you enjoy most on your trip?

Did I miss anything important out of this Paris travel guide? Let me know in the comments

Paris travel guide to help you plan your trip #travel
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A useful Paris travel guide to help you plan your trip #paris #travel
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  • One of my favorite places one earth!! Very helpful info. I’ve always been curious about Disneyland Paris… I think I will head over to that post next. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’ve been to Paris several times. I absolutely love exploring the city. It’s such a shame that they’ve been dealing with terrorism recently, but it will not stop me from visiting. Thanks for some valuable tips. – Lee

  • I have never been to Paris unfortunately! You were definitely organised with the transfers and transport, I didn’t know the trains could be dangerous there so thanks! Definitely have seeing the Eiffel Tower on my wish list! 🙂

  • It’s been a while since I was in Paris, but thank you for providing some great tips! Especially love the Skyscaner tip, thanks for sharing!

  • A lovely short and very practical guide to getting to Paris. It certainly is a lovely city to explore. So easy to just walk around and enjoy.

  • I have not been to Paris so this is a good travel guide. I had no idea that Skycanner has the ‘cheapest month’ option on their site. I should try to use this. I like that gives you a free destination guide. It will save me time doing Google research or choosing the best travel book for my itinerary.

  • Paris is still on my bucket list! I didn’t know ferry/boats were so popular there, good to know! Even though you didn’t make it to most of the main attractions, I’d say you still had a successful trip since you were able to go to Disneyland 😉

  • Unfortunately, I have never been to Paris. But that has not kept me from wanting to! I will bookmark this guide for future reference. I love that you covered all the basic info that tourists would want to know about Paris!

  • I visited this place three years ago and realize that I have yet not compiled my post. Your post refreshes my memories. Your pictures are sooo beautiful. Looks like you have a great camera or magic fingers.

  • Love the way you’ve made it so simple to read, remember and also come back and lookup quickly, in case anyone wants to refresh their memory while planning a trip. I have been wanting to travel to Paris for a long time – keeping my fingers crossed in the hope it happens sometime soon for me. Will definitely use some help from your piece 🙂

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