Passing time while others travel

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I have to admit I am one of those very jealous types who looks at other peoples travel pictures and thinks ‘why isn’t that me?’ or ‘why do I have to wait another X months.’ That is very much how I am feeling today. I need to find a good ways of passing time while everyone else enjoys travelling. David is off on an adventure with work to Kenya, the exact same day two of our friends leave to travel Australia. WHY NOT ME?!

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I have found it is best to keep myself busy. Flights are booked for our amazing family adventure and we leave in September. So I know I have 8 more months of work-work-wanderlust-work to go. Ugh. I am going to list below some of the ways I keep myself busy when I am waiting on my next trip to come around…

Working out

Ok, I am mainly a big lazy lump. When David is home we have a terrible relationship with food and we binge for the sake of it. It has not been good to my figure at all. Last time he was away with work I managed to shift a stone and a half because I had much more free time. That is my plan again this time around. I have 6 weeks and I want to budge at least half a stone this time. That is only just over 1lb per week, totally doable.

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Work out and eat well

The bonus is I know I have to be in a bikini in 8 months time and that scares me. Working out gives me a way to feel better about myself and to get myself looking and feeling confident enough to bear all on Koh Samui.

Selling and de-cluttering

Since we are going on an open-ended trip we need to clear things out our home so we can rent it out. The thought of this genuinely scares the crap out of me. I have anxiety at the best of times but I freak out thinking about having to clear out this house because we consumed so much stuff between the three of us.

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Just before David left we lined up some viewing of the property which meant action had to be taken. I made a house clearance section on my blog. Pictured as many items as I could handle and stuck them on there with prices. I then added a link to the pages on a local buy and sell Facebook group and I saw offers rolling in immediately. As things start to disappear I can take more pictures and add them to the website. I already have collected quite a bit of money to help pay for our flights!

Plan your own trip

This may sound obvious but for me it goes quite deep. I like to know everything I can about a destination (see my article about destination research.) My searches are pretty thorough, I even walk around in Google Maps so I know that we decide on a place with everything we need nearby. For example, we plane to live in Chiang Mai for three months. Chiang Mai is a fantastic destination for digital nomads and remote workers, as lots of them stay there. How do I know? Research. I know where I will live when I go to Chiang Mai, how much it should cost and what facilities I will get as part of the cost (see my article about finding a place to live in Chiang Mai.)

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Plan you own trip in detail

There are so many tools you can use to plan your own trip, and that will be covered in a future blog post. But my top ones are Skyscanner, for flights. Agoda for hotels and blogs/YouTube for finding cool things to see and do when you go there.

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Make connections

If you are like us you might be planning a whole new lifestyle. We are selling off almost everything we own and renting out our family home. This makes no sense to a lot of people, especially our families. It is needless to say that because they do not understand it it can be hard to stay focused on why we want to do it.

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A great way to get around this is to speak with like-minded people. A fantastic resource for this is the Freedom Junkies Facebook Group. I cannot tell you how many amazing people I have met from this group. I have even been on a camera call to a woman living her dream in Vietnam. There are lots of great support groups out there but this one is a particular favourite of mine. The support and guidance here is unrivalled.

Have you got any good tips on passing time between trips?

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How to begin passing time between travels
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