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Welcome to the Meldrums On The Move free planner page. As we learn more, we create more valuable downloads for everyone. We will be using our website to share the free resources with you. This page is dedicated to our free social media post planner.

Free social media post planner

Do you plan your posts ahead of time? If not, why? You should really consider planning your posts in advance and use a scheduler to have them set to go. This frees up a lot of your time and stops you being tied to the computer, or stops you panicking on the day when you remember you forgot to make a post to your social pages that day.

FREE Social Media post planner!

We designed and created a downloadable post planner so you can tick each day you have scheduled a post, so you can keep track of what days you have covered, and where you need to put in more work.

Download the free social media post planner using the sign-up box below.


Encourages ideas

The post planner encourages you to think of ideas by listing awareness days and awareness weeks. This also means you can plan blog posts in advance and be on topic when your post goes live that day. How handy is that?!


We also added a monthly overview page for each month. You can note down your focus for the month, take note of important dates and write down any goals you have for the month.

free social media post planner
Get organised, get planning


The handy calendar format allows you to track your posts, spur ideas and write notes for each day where needed.

Download the free social media post planner using the sign-up box below.

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