Review: Primal Bushcraft Survival Day

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Activity:  Primal Bushcraft Survival Day

Date: June 2016


The Primal Bushcraft Survival Day was a very good experience. The Primal team helped teach skills that are essential if you love the outdoors and are very self-dependent. These skills included, making fire, building shelter and also how to cook outside. The Primal bushcraft survival team also educated the audience on the importance of ow long your body can last without food and water but also the safety of using some tools such as knives.

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Primal Bushcraft Survival


The Primal bushcraft survival team run day courses and multiple day courses in a few different locations throughout Scotland. The day course I attended was in Dalkeith, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. It was really easy to find and you can drive and park in the park where the course takes place. The team will then collect you and take you to the bushcraft site.

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I’m not sure of the cost as the day course was a gift for Father’s Day, however I would really recommend doing at least a day course as it was very interesting and you learn skills you may need to use.

Primal Bushcraft Survival


The great thing about the course was it was for all size and ages however to a reasonable ages due to using sharp knives. There were kids as young as 6/7 years. I think this is fantastic because the primal bushcraft team are teaching young kids survival skills which they may need to use in the future.

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My favourite part

The best and most interesting skill I learnt was all the different ways on how to create fire. The most appealing was if your touch steel wool with a battery is creates sparks which you could then use on kindle to make fire. This method was very impressive.

Primal bushcraft survival
Corey making fire

My least favourite part

The only thing that wasn’t pleasant was getting a bit wet due to the weather but that’s nothing to do with the Primal bushcraft survival team because the day course was fantastic.

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Primal Bushcraft Survival
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A great day out at Primal bushcraft survival
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  • I was reading this on Flipboard last night (trying to figure out what I was doing!) This seems like so much fun! I’m not sure I would be good at it, but hubby has been wanting to do something like this for ages! In fact he has friends at work that want to do like an entire survival strategy where they have to bring a bug out bag to work and figure out how to get home without vehicles and being on the main road. They want to do like an all out survival situation. (I vote they are all crazy!)

  • I think these type of courses should be done by everyone. I remember doing something like this at the Girl guides when I was little but as an adult I wouldn’t even remember how to do any of this outdoor stuff. I wonder if they have anything like this in Australia. Great read.

  • This seems like such an awesome experience. Date night even? Lol. Especially for people who love the outdoors. We have scorching heat here in AZ and if I was ever stranded in the desert, I would love to know how to utilize every natural element I can to survive.

    • Totally!! I would love this as a date day! Wow nice, always wanted to go there! We are in Scotland so the heat isn’t too much of an issue haha

  • I couldn’t agree more to what you said in this article. I think preparedness is an essential skill everyone must have because it will actually help you predict things and even prevent worse things to happen. I love this post keep this up!

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