Review: Qatar Airways

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Airline: Qatar Airways

Type: Luxury airline

Date: May 2016

Flight: Long haul


I have now taken four flights with Qatar Airways and have another two booked for September 2017. So far it it my favourite airline by miles. The whole feel of the airline is above anything else I have ever experienced. The seats were clean, the plane was super modern and there was so much to offer on these flights.

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On Qatar Airways in May 2016

The seats are more specious that I have experience on any other aircraft (even in economy.) The whole experience has a luxury feel.


Throughout the flight you are given meals which are the highest quality I have seen on a flight. You can ask for drinks, including alcohol, throughout the journey and these are free. I am not sure if you can ask for food outside of the meals – we never tried. You also get a little pack including a pillow, blanket, pressure socks, earplug, a refreshing wipe and a toothbrush as part of a gift for choosing that airline.


Qatar Airways staff are very friendly and were always very helpful to us. They go above and beyond and do not use their role to feel powerful. The staff helped my friend find some spare seats to lie down when he was experiencing a lot of pain, which we felt was very kind and they did not have to do it.


This Qatar Airways flight was a real mix of people. There were people flying home to Qatar, people starting out their travels and we even met a monk returning to Thailand using Qatar Airways.

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My favourite part

I loved the individual televisions with tonnes of TV and movies. This kept me amused during the really long flight and killed time for me. I also found that there was TV episodes on here that were not even available on UK TV yet so that was a nice surprise.

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My least favourite part

I was surprised to find that the seating areas are still rather small so you do not have a lot of room to move about. It is quite uncomfortable to get a good sleep because the shape of the plane makes it so that there is a big gap between the window seat and the wall of the plane. Its almost impossible to lean on the wall to get some rest.

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