Reasons to sleep – Festival of Sleep Day

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So, this might be an unofficial holiday, but lets be honest none of us are going to pass on good reasons to sleep! Right?

reasons to sleep more
Travis getting in some practice in Fuerteventura

The Festival of Sleep

The Festival of Sleep is a recurring holiday which always happens on the 3rd of January every year. It was created for people who were lacking sleep after the madness which surrounds Christmas. Or maybe its just an excuse to have more reasons to sleep.  Either way I’m happy. Most people spend Christmas at home with their family. This, for many people, isn’t where they live on a more permanent basis, but is actually where they grew up.

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As a consequence many people spend the holidays travelling to see loved ones, incidentally they become exhausted just from getting themselves ‘home.’ They start to have a few drinks, relax… maybe go do some shopping or help cook up a feast fit for a king. From here on there is not much rest time, madness ensues.

Christmas 2016 for The Meldrums

This year we spent Christmas in Walkerburn. Walkerburn is Davids hometown and is a lovely quiet little village, and to be perfectly honest there is not much more to do on a cold January than have a good laze about in front of the TV. We have spent a lot of this Christmas in bed after Travis and I have taken unwell… But I can’t help but think how different last year was, and how insanely different next year will be.

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Next year we will be celebrating Christmas from Thailand, and most likely from Koh Samui! It really got me thinking how different things can be just depending on where you choose to locate yourself. I know for sure we won’t spend next year’s Festival of Sleep lazing about feeling sorry for ourselves. We might, however, take a nap in a hammock or maybe lay around on a towel on the most luxurious beaches we have come across so far. After all that is how we spent a large part of our time on Samui last time (read about that here.)

reasons to sleep
Jock enjoying a nap on Samui

It made me wonder how different the Festival of Sleep Day will be for each of you… Where are you going to nap from this January 3rd? Are you somewhere really exciting, dreaming of a more exotic location?

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reasons to sleep
David napping on the sleeper train


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