Renewal of child passport in USA – Some Information

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International travelling has become quite common now – both for business purposes as well as for leisure travel. And the document that is mandatorily needed for such travel is a passport. Adults, as well as kids and infants, will need a valid passport for travelling to international destinations. This is the reason most parents try and get the child’s passport done at the earliest so that if a chance of international travel comes, they can avail it easily. As per US State Department, a minor is a child, who is less than 16 years old. Interestingly, there are slightly different rules for minors who are 16 or 17 years of age. To get a passport for the little one, you have to apply for child passport in the USA with the right application form and submit all necessary supporting documents and photographs. Here is some more information about the renewal of child passport in USA.

Renewal of child passport in USA

Renewal of child passport in USA

Renewal of child passport in USA is different from that of passport renewal of an adult in the country. For renewing the passport of a child, he/she has to be present right in front of the passport agent along with his parents. Complete proof of parental custody has to be carried as well during the time of renewal.

Here are the ways in which things are to be done:

  • First and foremost, you need to prepare one large envelope, which has to be submitted to the Passport Agent.
  • Form DS-11 needs to be filled out completely without any kinds of errors. This form is the US passport application form. There are two ways in which this form can be filled up. You can download the blank form from the website of US State Department and fill up the form manually with black ink. You can also fill up the form online and print the same. You will need to fill up the name of the child, date of birth of the child, Social Security Number, address where the child resides and complete parent information. Do not sign the application form and put it inside the envelope.
  • Along with the application form, the child’s undamaged, previous passport is also needed during the time of renewal. Put the same in the envelope as well. You also need to provide evidence of the relationship with the child. The documents which need to be submitted as proof of relationship with the child and should have names of both the parents. The child’s foreign certified or US birth certificate, a complete report of birth aboard or an adoption decree will also be needed as evidence. In case no papers are available, bring a court order which stands evidence of the custody of the child. In case the documents are in any foreign language, there should be a formal/information English translation of the same.
  • Photocopies of each parent’s primary ID need to be furnished. These include an undamaged US passport, US driver’s license, current government employee ID, naturalization certificate, current military ID etc. While the photocopies are to be put in the envelope, the originals should also be carried in order to be shown to the agent. Minors in the age group of 16-17 have their own photo ID and they can show that and provide a copy of the same as well. In case the minor has no photo ID proof, parents’ photo IDs and their photocopies can be presented.
  • One photo of the child is needed, which should not be more than six months old. Know the specifications of the photos and click likewise.
  • The fee for passport renewal has to be paid as well. Depending upon accepting offices, the mode of payment which is received varies from one another. Confirm the mode before visiting the passport office.
  • With all the above-mentioned documents duly filled in an envelope, visit the passport office or acceptance agency with the child. Preferably both the parents should be present. In case one parent cannot be present, Form DS-3053, which is the Statement of Consent, should be duly filled up. The form should be accompanied by a photocopy of the person’s ID, who is not present.
  • The main application form should be signed in front of the passport agent.

Submit all the documents, form, renewal fee etc and you can expect the renewed passport of the child within the stipulated time frame.

Author’s Bio: The author of the article has been working actively in the passport industry for a long time. His tips and guidance on minor passport are really helpful for parents looking for solutions.

Have you tried the renewal of child passport in USA ? What was your experience?

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