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Hotel: Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok

Date: 26th – 29th September, 2017

Room: Executive Club Room (Access to all facilities including the executive lounge)


As you approach the Amari Watergate hotel you are greeted with a huge, beautiful building that has its own circular driveway that taxi’s and tuk tuk’s can use in order to get you right to the front door. The lobby was absolutely stunning, so was the rest of the hotel but one thing in particular that stood out for me was the breathtaking chandelier in the lobby. The chandelier represents water dropping. You can tell this by the appearance of the chandelier itself. Another massive attraction to the Amari Watergate Hotel for us here at Meldrums On The Move is that the Amari Watergate is Eco-friendly. Instead of using an item only once and then throwing it away, for example plastic bottles, The Amari Hotel uses glass bottles and simply re-fill and re-cap for use again. The Amari Watergate Hotel has thirty-three floors. Some are functions based many are not. We stayed on the thirty-second floor. This was the Executive suite. The eighth floor was the leisure floor. This is where you will find the spa and swimming pool area.

Amari Watergate Hotel
The impressive chandelier


The Amari Watergate Hotel seemed simple enough to get to. We got a taxi which cost us 500 baht (£10 UK) from the airport. We felt this was pretty expensive, border line being ripped off but anyway we got there. Right across from the Amari Watergate Hotel was a huge shopping mall and there was another right around the corner. You could find some street food on the nearby streets but we found it proved more difficult than we thought. There was a fantastic Kebab vendor just over the road as well so we ate here a few nights. The railway was only a five minute walk away as well which was ideal as we had to catch the train to move onto our next location. All in all a perfect location as everything is easy to get to. The area that the hotel is in is the shopping district of Bangkok.

Amari Watergate Hotel Review
The hotel is in the shopping district


As previously stated we were staying on the thirty-second floor which was the executive floor. On this floor there was an executive lounge area specifically for this floor only. At the executive lounge area breakfast was served every morning. There was a huge variety of different foods on offer here. My favourite being the miniature chocolate croissant. Furthermore to the breakfast all the food was of a good standard and you could enjoy your breakfast with views over Bangkok not many others could.

Amari Watergate Hotel Review
The executive lounge overlooks the city


We stayed in room 3224. The room was perfect. As we first went in we had our bathroom on our left hand-side and our wardrobe area on our right. In the wardrobe area there was huge amounts of space for clothes and also a safe. The safe is essential for travelling to keep your important documents and money you aren’t taking out with you safe at all times. The bathroom was very bright and beautiful. We had a shower and a bath. Travis was the only one to use the bath but he does love a good bath. The shower was also very spacious. The Amari Hotel also provided complimentary toiletries as well as 4 bottles of water, every single day. Now this was excellent as we drink so much water. One of the bathrooms coolest features was it had a slide open window that opened up into the living room. This is excellent if your having a bath but want company. So the slide open window accommodates this perfectly.

Amari Watergate Hotel Review
The bed was huge

The actual bedroom/ living area was pretty big. The bed first of all was massive and could fit all three of us on it (but they were nice enough to also provide us with a cot for Travis) no problem and allowing us all to get a good night sleep with the bed being so comfortable.

Amari Watergate Hotel Review
Travis’ cot

At either side of the bed was a bedside cabinet which is always handy. Directly across from the bed was a unit with a set of cupboard and drawers. Within this unit was a stocked fridge (if you had something from the fridge a charge for that item would be placed on your room bill.) This was the same for the opposite cupboard with other little goodies in. The television was of a good size and had English channels which is always good when you don’t understand Thai.

Amari Watergate Hotel Review
The desk space

Finally we had a cool we desk which we could work at as well as an awesome little chair in the corner which you could just sit and admire the view of Bangkok from our window. It certainly was a sight to see, especially at night time. The whole city is lit up. Simply just beautiful.


We met a mixture of people during our stay at the Amari Watergate Hotel. This ranged from people from all the way back home in the UK to other European nationalities to some more nationalities more closer to Thailand. Travis made some great friends who were from India.

Amari Watergate Hotel Review
Travis and his friend

A huge thumbs up for the Amari Watergate Hotel for its great staff. Every staff member we interacted with or asked a question to, they were always happy to help and also always done it with a smile on their face which was great to see. The staff at the entrance were fantastic. Anytime someone arrived they always helped with any luggage the people had and every time we or someone else left they always offered a taxi. The staff at the front desk were brilliant. They helped us when we first arrived and were able to help us get to our room. The Amari Watergate Hotel’s concierge was also a massive help as we shipped a bag back home and he was able to help and get it sent home no problem.

Amari WateAmari Watergate Hotel Reviewrgate Hotel Review
The front desk personnel were all so helpful


My favourite part of the Amari Watergate Hotel Review stay was the pool area.

Amari Watergate Hotel Review
The pool area was is well designed to accommodate families

I love swimming and I’m in the process of teaching Travis how to swim and the pool here was perfect for it. The kids pool was a great place to start and a great place for Travis to build up his confidence. The pool was 0.3 metres deep so perfect for the little ones. After quite a few attempts at swimming by himself we then moved to the main pool which was 1.3 metres deep.

Amari Watergate Hotel Review
Tasha and Travis in the small pool

This allowed Travis to jump in from the side go under the water and then swim to me by himself under water for only a few seconds on his own then I would pick him out the water. Travis has came on leaps and bounds at swimming since our stay in the Amari Watergate Hotel Review.


Although we absolutely loved the pool, for us it was just a bit colder on the first day than any other pool we had used in Bangkok. It may just be something as simple as the sun wasn’t out much that day. But due to the pool being cold we hardly used it on the first day as it was too cold for Travis.

Check out our Amari Watergate Hotel Review to find out how awesome this place is | Bangkok | Thailand | Amari Watergate Hotel Review | family travel | travel with kids | Bangkok with kids
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Check out our Amari Watergate Hotel Review to find out how awesome this place is | Bangkok | Thailand | Amari Watergate Hotel Review | family travel | travel with kids | Bangkok with kids
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*We were invited as guests of the Amari Watergate Hotel Review. All opinions are our own.

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