Review: HTOP Olympic Calella

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Hotel: HTOP Olympic

Date: 13th – 20th June, 2017

Room: Standard Twin Room (All-inclusive)


We booked the hotel in Calella as my Mum had previously stayed with HTOP Hotels in Costa Brava before and very much loved her time with them. We paid £400 all-inclusive for the week for my Mum, myself and Travis which we thought was a very good price. The hotel was easy to locate and reachable by bus no problem. Check out my Calella travel guide to find out how to get here. We found the hotel to be clean and well-staffed, though the people on the bar were the slowest I have experienced anywhere. Each person waited ages to be served.

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htop olympic review
The HTOP Olympic Hotel

The hotel was huge, 7 floors, hundreds of rooms. In my opinion for the amount of people and rooms there were not enough lifts. Too many times we ended up carrying a stroller up and down stairs.

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HTOP Olympic is in the north part of Caella, looking back on to the wonderful mountains of Costa Brava. It is around an hour from Barcelona and easy to get to from both BCN Airport and Girona Airport.

htop olympic review


We generally slept well. We had two twin beds put together and they put a cot in the room for Travis. The beds were comfortable but quite high so it was a little nerve-wracking when Travis kept climbing up and down from them. He managed to suss out that there were mattresses underneath he could pull out and use as a step. This makes me think up to four people could share one room which would save a lot of money.

htop olympic review
Our room in the HTOP Olympic

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The majority of people in this hotel were European families. There were a lot of Spanish people here too who had traveled from other parts of Spain for a getaway. There were some groups of friends who were here to drink and relax but they were usually quite respectful to the people who had children.

htop olympic review
There were many types of people at the hotel

The people in the room across from ours did not fall into the respectful category and tended to fist fight each other in their room, the hall and by the pool. I ended up calling security when the appeared from their room with bite marks, bruises and accusing each other of beating the other.

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My favourite part

This was the first trip we took Travis on where the weather and pool were warm enough to allow him to actually use the pool. I loved the separate kids pool which was just the right depth to let him play freely and safely with us sitting right beside him.

htop olympic review
The kids pool was amazing here

My least favourite part

The food here was okay. The salads were delicious and the variety was amazing. The hot foods were lacking something though. I felt there could have been more choice on offer especially for vegetarians who don’t always just want salad. I wish the reception took the time to explain the different food areas too and where things were – it took us days to realize there were more food sections than we first saw. We only found out about the playpark on our last day too. We knew where nothing was without finding out on out own.

htop olympic review
A ‘clean’ knife in the restaurant

With reference to the restaurant too the staff took forever to clear the tables in a very busy place. We often had to sit at a table with dirty dishes which the staff then didn’t remove because we were plonked at the table. More attention should be paid in the kitchen when cleaning too. Numerous time we avoided marked plates and even brought cutlery to our table that was dirty, but meant to have been clean.

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I would give an extra mention to the cleaner who cleaned our room, she was wonderful. She helped me pick a clean and safe tattoo shop even though we could barely speak each others languages. She helped us dress Travis when he was fighting against getting on his shorts and she stayed quiet when she knew he was asleep. After getting money stolen by our cleaner in Ibiza it was nice to meet someone so genuine.

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