Review: Nashy’s Coffee House

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Restaurant: Nashy’s Coffee House

Location: By the bus stop in Cardrona village

Date: Numerous


Nashy’s Coffee House is in Cardrona village. It sits perfectly at the end of the cycle path from Innerleithen to Cardrona making it the perfect place to take a wonderful relaxed stroll to. We have done this loads of times and always stop at the cafe when we go. We actually make a day trip out of it, it is one of the best things to do from Innerleithen.

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Nashy's Coffee House
The cozy sofas by the warm fire

The cafe is warm inside and decorated wonderfully. There is a choice of seating so you can really pick where you feel most comfortable.


Nashy’s Coffee House is in Cardrona village where the old store used to be. This is near the famous Cardrona Hotel and only a few minutes walk from it if you want to pop down for a visit. You can also get the bus from Peebles or Innerleithen right to the front door of the cafe.
Nashy's Coffee House
Fresh basked goods at Nashy’s Coffee House


If you like home baked goods, freshly made food, home made food, cakes, soup, bagels… you are in luck. This place has it all. The range of food Nash offers is amazing and really up-to-date and trendy. I love the home made soup here and so does Travis.

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Nashy's Coffee House
Burger with all the trimmings


Everyone and anyone in the Scottish Borders has been to Nashy’s Coffee House. It is THE place to go for a nice lunch, snack, a break on your walk. Everyone loves this place, there is a reason its the top place to eat in the area on TripAdvisor. You will meet all kinds of people here, it really is a place for anyone.

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Nashy’s is rated the top place to eat in the area on Tripadvisor

My favourite part

The range of food here is amazing. They are always developing the menu and trying new things. You can always find something you will love here. The range is so vast that everyone can find something here and no one will be left unhappy.

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Piri piri chicken burger at Nashy’s

My least favourite part

I cannot think of anything I did not like here. The only thing I could say here is that I am not close enough to go every day!

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Nashy's Coffee House
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  • Wow! It looks more like a cozy pub than a coffee house! Those assorted breads and the burger with salad & fries is definitely making me hungry right now!

  • Looks like a nice place! Love the table in the picture near the fireplace. Perfect for a coffee or a brunch in winter! The food looks delicious

  • I love the look of those curly fries. In my opinion, curly fries always taste better than the straight fries that most places serve. The custom sign above the fireplace is really cool. I like “mom and pop” shops so much more than franchises because they inject this type of personal touches and decor into their shops.

  • Nashy’s Coffee house looks like a countryside cafe. I love those fireplace wall so rustic! It is very nice to hear that you liked everything here no negative markings here.

  • Looks like a pretty chill place to eat. And isn’t it nice when you can find a place where you like everything on the menu? It makes you want to return again and again, no?

  • Nashys coffee house looks like my kind of cafe, I love the cafes that you can take a nice walk to. The freshly baked bread looks delicious, even moreso after a nice walk! I would definitely order the burger and fries you photographed!

  • I feel like taking a leisurely stroll to a favourite cafe of mine is one of my favourite activities to do! Nashy’s coffee house looks like one of those cafes I would enjoy. Such a nice variety of foods, something for everyone. Not sure I would make it back home after that burger and fries though! I wish I lived closer to try out as well.

  • It looks like a cozy place. I would love to try the Piri piri chicken burger that you’ve suggested! Yum!!! Oh, and I love freshly baked goods too so I think I will certainly enjoy a visit here.

  • I would love to try the Piri piri chicken burger that you suggested! I also love freshly baked goods so I could imagine myself enjoying in this cafe. Since it’s a coffee house, I’m quite curious about the coffee. Is it as good as the food? 🙂

  • I want some burger and fries right now. Haha! The serving size is good for two if you want to share. The different kinds of breads look delicious and appealing. I like that Travis was able to eat. I can still remember your post about the restaurant where they did not make an omelette for Travis.

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