Review: Restaurante S’Antiga Barbería

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Restaurant: Restaurante S’Antiga Barbería

Location: By the marina in Ibiza Town

Date: April 2017


We picked Restaurante S’Antiga Barbería at random as we tried to find somewhere to eat quickly before Travis woke from his nap. He can be a little naughty when he is sleepy and trying to eat. HE slept for the first while but was woken by the rude people who squashed into the table right beside his buggy despite 90% of the restaurant being empty and there being plenty room elsewhere for them.

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We loved the food here but were quick to leave when the girl who pushed into the table beside Travis was rude and told us we HAD to move him and that it was ‘not okay’ that he was there. They were also the type to stare at the food you picked and make comments about it.


Restaurante S’Antiga Barbería is just off the main walk along the marina in Ibiza Town. It is tucked away behind some market stalls that are hard to miss.


Restaurante S’Antiga Barbería had a good range on the menu but David noticed there was nothing ‘regular’ to us Brits like sandwiches. It was all sea food and salads. He ended up picking a pizza which was really delicious. Travis shared it with him when he woke up.

Restaurante S'Antiga Barbería
Goats cheese salad

I chose a goats cheese salad. I am not normally a salad person but the menu had not much else I liked. I was rewarded great for choosing that. It was amazing. If I ever went back to Ibiza I would go back here just for the salad. It was that good.

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Unfortunately the people here were all quite posh. They were looking down on us who had backpacks and vests on and I could tell they thought we had picked the wrong place to eat.

My favourite part

The food was by far the best part about this restaurant. It was awesome how it was just by the marina too but away from all the people.

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Restaurante S'Antiga Barbería
David with his pizza

My least favourite part

The people here put me off right away. Other tables were staring at us from the moment we sat down. People made nasty comments about our son sleeping and we ended up eating quick and leaving because of the horrid girl beside us.

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Restaurante S'Antiga Barbería
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