Review: Send My Bag

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Company: Send My Bag

Date: September 2017

Sent Home: Holdall Backpack


I highly recommend using Send My Bag when wanting to send luggage from one country to another. This is a very professional company that ensure whatever you are sending reaches its destination no matter what you are sending. The process is very simple, just a case of filling in a content sheet, printing it and sticking it to your item.


You can use Send My Bag from all over the world. I used it to send a backpack home from Thailand to Scotland in the United Kingdom.


Review: Send My Bag

The service we received from Send My Bag was very professional from the person who was in contact with us via email and sent us over the forms, to the person that picked up my backpack. We were delighted that the process was so simple and straight forward and that our backpack had arrived home safely.


The staff we had interaction with were easy to talk to and helped us whenever we had a problem. A very professional company that gets the job done while looking after our valuables.


The best part about using Send My Bag was how simple and straight-forward it was to use. Simply fill in a contents list, print out, stick on the parcel and arrange a pick-up. It really is that easy.


The one bad thing that we found is that sticking the content sheet to the outer side of our backpack proved to be quite challenging with normal sticky tape but apart from that the service was excellent.

Wanting to send some luggage home while on your travels? Send My Bag is the perfect and most reliable company out there! Super easy, super simple. Travel | luggage | sending luggage home

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