Review: Sidive Diving Training Centre

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Diving Centre: Sidive Diving Training Centre

Date: 04/12/17

Dive: Scuba Diving Refreshers Course



Scuba gear supplied by Sidive Diving Training Centre 

Sidive diving training centre is secluded on the coast on Kontiki, Mactan Island. I highly recommend diving with this company as the instructors are very professional and also very friendly. Although I have been diving before in Thailand this was the best dive I have done so far. I got a one-to-one instructor who has been diving for 12 years, Alfred. Sidive diving centre gave me all the equipment I needed to complete my dive. Sidive diving training centre is also recognised by PADI.


This diving training centre is in Kontiki, Mactan Island. It was a little hard to find as it’s off the concrete road and on a dirt track for around 100m. Once within the establishment, there are a few dive centres so just ask someone and they will point you in the right direction like I done today.


I was undertaking a refresher dive to activate my PADI license so I could complete more diving in the future. I had a one-to-one instructor called Alfred. He was fantastic and very professional. The refresher course includes going through all the basic skills in and out of the water. After completing these it was on to the dive itself. The water was very clear having around 15 meters of visibility while under the surface. While in the water, marine life was not scarce. There was many different colours, shapes, sizes and species of fish going around, we even managed to see a sea snake, which was very impressive. The actual dive itself lasted a total of 49 minutes but this can differ depending on air consumption. On the way back to the start point we did some dive cleaning, picking up any rubbish in the ocean that people have clearly not disposed of properly.


Sidive Diving Training Centre
Alfred & Myself

Here at the Sidive diving training centre, you will only find very professional divers, who are a lot of fun and love their job. My instructor, Alfred was very friendly and a bundle of fun. He made sure that I had a great dive but also made sure I was always comfortable while in the water. He made sure to point out any cool marine life he saw so that I could also see, this included loads of fish, a sea snake and also a lionfish.


My favourite part of the whole experience with Sidive was seeing the sea snake. It’s not every day you see a snake, never mind a sea snake. It was also cool to see the snake in its natural habitat going about its usual business and not in an aquarium somewhere.


The not so great part was nothing to do with Sidive, it was seeing the amount of litter people throw in the ocean. It really is sad and it disrupts the marine eco-systems having foreign objects in the coral, for example, a plastic juice bottle in a beautiful reef. There just isn’t any place for litter in the ocean.

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