Review: Slow Boat II Corralejo

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Restaurant: Slow Boat II Corralejo

Location: Just off the main strip in Corralejo

Date: December 2016


We found Slow Boat II Corralejo because it was signposted on the main street, otherwise it is a little tricky to find. Usually there are promoters on the street to let you know to come down and take a look at the food choices down that little street though, which can be off-putting as much as it is useful sometimes.

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This place was really big, there were lots of tables and it was beautifully decorated to feel very Chinese, because it is a Chinese restaurant. We loved the over-the-top huge fish tank and the boat decoration inside. Gorgeous.

You could either get the buffet meal or order off the menu, we ordered off the menu. Beware you cannot order things that are not on the menu, we wanted a ham omelette as cheese omelette was on the menu but they wouldn’t do it. Travis left kinda hungry.


Slow Boat II Corralejo is just seconds off the main strip in Corralejo where all the designer stores are.


Slow Boat II Corralejo offered a lot of choices, there was Chinese in the form of a buffet or you could order a certain dish from the menu. We picked to order off the menu.

Slow Boat II Corralejo
The Chinese dishes

I got sweet and sour and did not really enjoy it to be honest. It was nothing like the usual sweet and sour we have. Both our dishes were really runny and it made it hard to eat because it was more like soup than sauce. It did taste okay though it was just a strange consistency. If I remember right David got Beef and Black bean sauce and also found it to be really runny.

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There was a whole bunch of people in here, mainly tourists. It was actually really busy and very family friendly. We saw a lot of families in here while we were eating.

Slow Boat II Corralejo
The decor in Slow Boat II Corralejo

My favourite part

I loved the decor in there. It was so authentic and super Chinese. It was cool to see the boat in there holding food too. Travis enjoyed watching the fish in the big tank and other kids came over to enjoy it too.

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My least favourite part

I did not really enjoy the food here much. I probably wouldn’t choose to eat here again if given the choice.

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Slow Boat II Corralejo
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A great place if your hungry, so check out Slow Boat II Corralejo
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  • Slow Boat II Corralejo looks like such a cool place. Too bad the food wasn’t very good. Hopefully it was at least affordable. I love seeing the fish tanks. Maybe that made it worth it?

  • Slow Boat II looks like a such a cool place. I like Chinese restaurants and my SIL is Chinese too. Chinese decor is also beautiful and colorful.

  • If you didn’t like the food, then nothing else can save the place. All other factors come secondary to this. I wouldn’t like my food to be runny and I would definitely give this place a miss.

  • Poor Travis. It is easy to cook a ham omelette. They did not even consider your little one’s tummy. They should have offered an alternative like a fruit, biscuits, or anything on their kids menu. Maybe they do not even have a kids menu. Do not go back there. The Chinese food that you ordered did not look appealing at all. I hope that Travis ate something after you left that place.

    • I know, I would not have asked but regular omelette was on the menu so we figured it would be okay. We had lots of nice food at the apartment so he had some snacks back there. 🙂

  • The decor looks gorgeous indeed! Too bad that the food wasn’t upto your expectations!
    I kinda never get into the restaurants that have promoters in the main street as I feel that’s more like street hawking!

  • It does look like a cool place visually, which is always great for kids. Sounds like the fare is your fairly typical chinese food. What would you recommend instead?

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