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Okay so you are getting serious about your travel blogging. Maybe you are considering making your blogging into a career and you are looking for ways to earn perks and benefits from your blogging efforts. You are in the right place.

Once we started to do reviews, and offer them to brands, everything changed for us. Within weeks of building up a review section on our website we were being flooded with offer from hotels, excursions, private beaches, clothing lines and much more. If you translate what we accepted into monetary terms we earned over £1000 within a few weeks of making our reviews live.

How did we do that?

We started to build up reviews to show brands what they could expect from working with us. We were super consistent so they knew exactly how their review would be laid out, and what would be included in it. We have had many compliments on how well we cover things in our reviews which is why we wanted to share our temples with you, so you can start to live the life of your dreams.

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Want to know more first?

We have included templates of everything listed below;







Each type of review is broken up into sections that you can copy in your reviews, and each section is explained and examples given for what you could include there.

review templates freebie

Without a good review section already on your website you aren’t as likely to have as much success as quickly as we did. Do not get me wrong, bloggers manage it and go about this in different ways and it can work. But if you want to start planning and earning quickly then this is the fastest route forward.

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