Review: That’s Amore

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Restaurant: That’s Amore

Location: Corralejo main strip

Date: December 2016


That’s Amore was kind of stumbled on by chance. We stopped here mainly because Travis was getting hungry and impatient, but we had walked past it many times before we actually tried it. It was always super busy which showed us it was likely really good, but there was never usually many tables left.

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The place was really hot as the tables were outdoors and right in the line of the sun. People were smoking all around the tables which wasn’t very nice. The food was delicious though.


That’s Amore is on the main strip in Corralejo on the island of Fuerteventura.


I had a tuna sandwich here which came with toasted bread. They do not put mayo in their tuna sandwiches like they do back home but I actually really liked it. It was so delicious and the salad really complimented it.

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That's Amore


There was a good mix of tourists and locals here. Normally we saw locals gathering here for breakfast but later in the day the holiday-makers were here enjoying the sun while they ate and drank the day away.

My favourite part

That’s Amore served up a mean tuna sandwich. I loved it.

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My least favourite part

In general I was not a huge fan of That’s Amore. The seating was annoying and Travis clambered around on the seat as there was nothing for kids. He kept slipping off it and trying to run away. People were smoking all around us in a really confined seating area and I really didn’t like it. Most of the people here were already getting drunk even though it was morning and it wasn’t particularly a nice place for a child to be around.

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That's Amore
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That's Amore is the best place to eat in Corralejo
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