Review: The Corner House Hotel

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Restaurant: The Corner House Hotel

Location: On Innerleithen High Street

Date: August 2017


We decided to eat at the The Corner House Hotel before heading out to watch some live music at the Innerleithen Music Festival. As the name suggests the place is also a hotel, but it has an amazing Chinese restaurant too. The The Corner House Hotel restaurant is cost, well decorated and has a lovely atmosphere.

The Corner House Hotel
David enjoying his meal

We were happy to see that our friend Jade was working and she was super friendly and so happy to help.


The Corner House Hotel is located on Innerleithen High Street, right on the corner where two streets meet.


There is a wonderful Chinese menu here but you can also enjoy British favourites. We always order Chinese food here and we decided to share a meal so we would not get too full. We picked the spicy sweet and sour crispy chicken, noodles, spicy chips and onion rings. Everything was freshly made and came in a generous portion. We managed to divide the meal into two and still eat enough with a bit to spare.

The Corner House Hotel
The spicy sweet and sour

*Bonus: The onion rings are handmade in this restaurant!

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A lot of locals eat here but you also find a great mix between younger and older people too. Lots of bikers who come here to use the trails also come to this restaurant.


Of course my favourite part is the food. It is delicious. I enjoy the atmosphere in here too and love how friendly the staff are.

The Corner House Hotel
Spicy chips and onion rings


I always get too hot in here. Sometimes there is an open fire lit which makes it way worse. Does not stop me coming in though!

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