Two days in Reykjavik Iceland

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Day one – Flying to Iceland

Leaving Edinburgh in the PM we hopped on an Easyjet flight to Reykjavik Iceland. This flight actually lands in Keflavik, but we were staying in Reykjavik. I hadn’t been on a flight in a really long time. It is safe to say I hadn’t touched alcohol in a while either, so we decided to try out Easyjets collection. Two bottles of wine later the flight touched down in Keflavik. Next was the Reykjavik Excursions bus to Reykjavik. By the time the bus stopped at our hotel, Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura we had managed to lose the buzz and become really hungover! This was only 9pm, oops. We decided to order a pizza and spend the first night in bed, what a terrible beginning to our little adventure.

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One the plane to Iceland

Day two – Snorkelling and exploring

The next morning required an early rise to catch our lift to Silfra so we could snorkel it with Gray Line Iceland. This where we were to snorkel between two tectonic plates. It was cold, but surprisingly not as cold (and snowy) as Scotland had been when we left. We arrived at Silfa and of course our opinion about the weather being the same as Scotland changed pretty quickly – it was freezing!! We were told to get down to the bear minimums and were squashed into dry-suits.

Reykjavik Iceland
Tasha in her drysuit to snorkel Silfra

These were the most uncomfortable and frustrating items of clothing I have ever had to wear. On the other hand they keep us dry in the 1 degree Celsius water so who can complain about that!? Snorkelling through Silfa was the most glorious and beautiful experience I have ever had. The water was crystal clear for as far as you could see. Nothing in the world compares to that beauty.

Reykjavik Iceland
David ready to Snorkel

After arriving back at the hotel, and freshening up we decided to try out the food at Satt Restaurant – fantastic.

Reykjavik Iceland
Dinner at the Satt

Next we headed into town and shopped the afternoon away on Laugavegur street. We then walked down to the harbour in search of a boat to take us to see the whales, but were left disappointed when we found out the last boat of the day had left around 1pm! Next stop was the museums… unfortunately our poor planning and bad timing meant we had missed out on all of these too! We decided to take in the city in a long walk back to the hotel, followed by a dip in the gorgeous pool and a relax in the steam room.

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After dinner at Satt, we headed to bed to rest for the next day.

Reykjavik Iceland
The harbour in Reykjavik Iceland

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Day three – Saying goodbye to Reykjavik Iceland

We awoke on our last day in Iceland and decided to climb the hill to the Pearl centre. This was directly over from our hotel so was really easy to find.

Reykjavik Iceland
The Pearl

We explored all around the hill finding some World War II bunkers and posts – so cool! (Once again poor planning meant that the Pearl wasn’t actually open. This meant we missed out on the panoramic views of the city.)

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Reykjavik Iceland war bunkers
War bunker

Next we packed up our bags to catch our bus to the Blue Lagoon. Upon checking out we were informed our bus had already left without us, another disaster, but we could catch a taxi to the next pick up point in time to make it. So we did. After another scenic bus ride we arrived at the Blue Lagoon in awe and spent the most wonderful morning relaxing and testing out all the different parts of the pool. Bliss!

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All things considered, we may have experienced every travelers worst planning nightmares, but this was a trip not to forget. Reykjavik Iceland is a wonderful city. Its a place you can walk around and feel extremely safe and very welcome.

Reykjavik Iceland
David at the blue lagoon


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