Review: Rikka Inn Khaosan Road

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Hotel: Rikka Inn

Date: May 2nd, 2016

Room: Standard Double Room


A recent trip to Thailand saw us land in Bangkok. We decided to do as most people and spend a night on Khaosan Road. After the recommendation of a friend we decided to stay at the Rikka Inn. We arrived at the hotel, as a group of three who had 2 rooms booked. Everything went smoothly and we checked in and headed out. We came back later and the boys took a dip in the pool. It was already dark so my advice is always look around for restrictions or warnings for the pool. At this hotel they are behind you as you come in so a few people, including David, dived in a bashed their heads off the bottom of the shallow pool.

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Rikka inn review
Khaosan from the Rikka Inn rooftop


Rikka Inn is right in the thick of it on Khao San road. There are likely cheaper options on streets nearby. We decided, however, to stay on the actual Khao San road since we were newbies and would be jet lagged on arrival. We found many bars around, plenty of places to eat. There were lots of awesome people around and everyone was very friendly. It is easy to get a Tuk Tuk to the airport or any of the sights which are all within a reasonable distance of the hotel.

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Rikka inn review
Rooftop pool at Rikka Inn


Honestly? I have no idea. I was very drunk and cannot really remember getting into bed. However, I woke up refreshed and ready to get back out so it cannot be all bad. The beds and room were clean and comfortable with no bed bugs. That is enough for me.

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I don’t remember meeting anyone else who was staying in our hotel. Most people go for the more popular D & D nearby. However, that being said, I think a safe bet is that most people who stay here are backpackers and travelers. They are typically starting or ending an epic trip.

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My favourite part

I loved the location of the hotel. We couldn’t get any closer to the action. The same can be said for all of the other hotels nearby though. I did really love the rooftop pool, even though I never got to go in it. I liked the recliners nearby and loved looking down onto the madness on Khao San road.

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Rikka inn review
Checking out Khaosan

My least favourite part

Unfortunately the hotel adverts or staff did not tell us that even though we had booked for beds (as a group of three) we could not invite someone to use the spare one. We happened to make a friend and asked them to stay when it got really late to save them making their way back to where they were staying. In the morning this resulted in harassing phone calls and us being forced to leave stupidly early in the morning.

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