A road trip to Cannock, England

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Us Brits aren’t best known for road tripping. We do do it, though! David and I recently had a business conference to attend in Birmingham, so we decided to road trip down the night before. It was Penicuik we would leave from. We are actually from Walkerburn but David was working late into the afternoon this particular day.

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We decided to take the scenic route so we could enjoy the views as we made our way down to England.

Compulsory Moffat stop

We had to stop for fuel before we hit the motorway, so we decided to do so in Moffat. Moffat is a place we have stopped many times when we have travelled to England before. We love the convenience of the location of the petrol station and the variety of food on offer there. We were so chuffed to see they had some Moffat toffee in stock, along with puff candy! I cannot say this stuff is good for the figure but its so good for the heart and soul.

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road trip to Cannock
Moffat toffee and puff candy

It was December when we passed through and Moffat town was looking beautiful with Christmas lights spread across the town. It felt really magical.

road trip to Cannock
Leaving Scotland

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A drive by the ‘Devils Beeftub’

As a child and an adult I have driven past the Devils Beeftub many times. I remember in the past I was told that the mist was so bad that a farmer and his cattle fell to their death in the gorge and that is why it had become named the Devil Beeftub. We debated about this for a while and posted the debate to Facebook, who all agreed with David that it was named this because it was used to hide stolen cattle!

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I managed to snap some great pictures of the Beeftub on the way past, as I always do. We carried on through the forests and I watched in amazement as I saw that thousands of trees I had seen there in the past were now gone (Christmas trees perhaps?)

road trip to Cannock
Devil Beeftub drive by

The motorway

The rest of the trip was basically motorway. It began to get really dark on the way and we were fighting over who should drive so the other could nap, ha! I won and napped a few hours of the trip. We did stop at a services for a KFC but that is about as exciting as the rest of the trip got.

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We had a good laugh and a giggle and really enjoyed the journey down there. Our hotel was right off the motorway so we got there really quickly. We settled down early because we had a super early start in the morning.

road trip to Cannock
Scotland flag in the sky


A road trip to Cannock, England
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  • I’m surprised you guys don’t do more road trips. I’ve done London to Peak and Birmingham to Scotland. I find them rather enjoyable and it looks like you all had a blast! That toffee looks yummy, I’ll have to make sure I grab some next time I am in the area.

  • I love road trips. Recently I did a memorable road trip in Bhutan and rural Rajasthan in India. I am sure road trip in England will be equally good. I can’t wait to drive in England, especially its countryside.

  • I love being on the road, road tripping, and your post just gave me the push needed, to do a road trip one am in England. I had read about the train connectivity in between cities, but when the roads and surroundings are so beautiful I would prefer a road trip any day over a train journey.

  • That’s an interesting fact on how Devils Beeftub got it’s name, I’ll agree with David on that too! I stopped for a KFC on my Iceland roadtrip recently, it’s always an exciting part of a roadtrip! Those sweets from Moffat look interesting, is the toffee soft or hard?

    • The toffee was so hard like boiled sweets! So delicious too. If you go during the day there are more shops open with more of a variety and there might be soft toffee too

  • What fun to get out and explore! These are such interesting tidbits – I love those sorts of things. You really get a feel for the area when you know them. We travel with the kids and I can’t tell you how curious they would be about the name ‘The Devil’s Beeftub”. LOL!

    • Hahaha I have been fascinated with it since I was young. We always would stare out the window in wonder when we drove past. Still love it now

  • “Devils Beeftub” – what an interesting name! Roadtripping is a great way to explore the area around you and get to see some less known sites! Did you get to see any other cool sites on the way to Cannock?

    • Not really! It got dark after we left Moffat 🙁 We were driving to a business convention so spent the next two days in meetings boooo

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