Rooftop pools in Malta: My new found love

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I went to Malta with my Gran and two of her friends when I was younger. It was one of my first experiences of being somewhere really, really hot at the time and I think part of that was because the pool was on the roof of the hotel. This was my first experience of a rooftop pool and it absolutely amazed me. Find out why rooftop pools in Malta spurred a life-long love of rooftop pools for me.

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The heat

At the time Malta was the hottest holiday I had been on. I am not sure if there was freak weather that year or something but I remember being totally convinced that because of the rooftop pools in Malta I was actually closer to the sun so was feeling it more. It was the first time I ever really got sunburnt and it freaked my Gran out because my Dad is a Paramedic who had lectured her about letting me get burnt! Haha.

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Rooftop pools in Malta
You can see the burns on my arms from the time out at the pool

The fun

I was finally at an age where I could enjoy relaxing. I think before this I had always wanted to be on the go but I had began to appreciate time away from my brother (pain in the ass haha) and had really taken to reading. Being able to relax by a rooftop pool with a great book was exactly what I needed. Perfection.

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The views

It was the first time I has been able to sunbathe with a view over a city. I loved this part of it and I remember being fascinated by being able to see regular peoples homes with all their washing out to dry on their balconies. This is something that continues to make me feel all warm and fuzzy until this day.

Actually having options

I loved that we could use a pool on the roof, or we could swim indoors when it became too hot. I had never experienced so many options before and I absolutely loved it. Of course I loved it even more that there was a hot tub by the inside pool and I could just switch between this and the rooftop pools in Malta.

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Rooftop pools in Malta
Me and my Grans friend at the rooftop pool

This rooftop pool lit a little fire in my belly for new and exciting experiences. I fell in love with the rooftop pool and even booked our hotel in Bangkok because it had one!

Have you ever been to a hotel with a rooftop pool? What do you love about them?

Rooftop pools in Malta My new found love #matlta #travel
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Rooftop pools in Malta are amazing and here is why #malta #travel
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