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Airline: Ryanair

Type: Budget airline

Date: Numerous, most recently April 2017

Flight: Short haul


We flew with Ryanair from Edinburgh to Fuerteventura in December 2016. We most recently flew with them to Ibiza and have another flight booked with them to Barcelona in June. We have found the flights to be quite warm and stuffy and the space cramped. Typically the airline staff have been a bit slow and unable to keep to their word. We have had trouble with the booking website and the chat staff who we contacted to fix issues too.

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The airline offer food and drink on their flights. This is quite pricey with a bottle of water costing 2 or 3 Euros. You can get Pringles, chocolate and sandwiches too. They hand out a catalogue of options at the start of the flight that you can order when the cart comes by. You can buy alcohol too but we have never purchased some on a Ryanair flight. You also have the option to buy watches and perfumes at a reduced cost.


We have found the staff to be friendly and well mannered, however we have felt let down numerous times by the staff here. One alarming example is when we were promised a demonstration of how to use the baby seat-belt. This never happened so we used it how we assumed it should be used. It was on the return flight we were told we had been using it wrong – potentially our son could have been badly injured because the airline staff did not bother to come back to help us as they promised.

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We have met all different kinds of people on Ryanair flights but were happy to find a lot of people traveling as a family, or with kids just like us. A lot of British people use Ryanair to get to cheap holiday destinations.

My favourite part

I love the bright colours on Ryanair. The cost is also a great benefit and because of Ryanair we have managed to see places in Europe we would probably have missed out otherwise.

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My least favourite part

Honestly, part of my honest Ryanair review is that I don’t like that there are no TVs. Other budget airlines have some in the aisle. I think even a little entertainment would help keep the kids a bit more amused.

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Ryanair review
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  • Flying on a budget airline always seems to come with a compromise. I don’t understand why staff have to be rude. Perhaps these airlines aren’t putting the money into proper hiring and training. Clearly, they are not since they didn’t even help you use the infant seat belt!

    • It is a shame really. They make enough money to be able to put the staff through a bit more training and on something as important as safety too!

  • You do pay what you get for with the budget airlines. As long as I get to A to B at a low cost, I’m pretty OK, but I can see kids would be needing something to keep their attention if it’s a long flight. Haven’t encountered any subpar staff though; always have had pleasant experiences with the budget airliners I’ve flown. Maybe the crew was having a bad day.

    • Exactly, if you get where you want to safely then it doesn’t matter too much. That is what I think, it hasn’t stopped us using them anyway! So I think that says it all.

  • Budget airlines has its own set of issues. The points you stated are common problems with budget airlines. However, I actually never use TV while traveling. But yes, I understand it is a good idea to keep the kids engaged.

    • Yes I think for kids it make take them from being in an unbearable tantrum to staying a little distracted for a while. We will be sure to update the iPad with a move next time

  • I understand the restrictions when flying via budget airlines. I do not like that they did not show you how to use the baby seat-belt. I’d be annoyed. I hope that you will encounter a better and hospitable crew next time.

    Iza c/o Kathy James (Walk About Wanderer)

  • After seeing all the horror stories on United am glad you had such a great experience on Ryanair! The child seat belt is a huge cause for concern though, I’m surprised that’s not a higher priority for airline staff. That’s something you definitely should bring up to then, friendly manners or no. Airline standards have seriously slipped in the last decade even if it’s budget!

  • I flew with Ryan Air while travelling from Barcelona to Ibiza and it was an average experience I can say. I’m actually surprised reading about the child seat belt issue, that was really ignorant and wrong of the crew. Least the airline can do if not perfect service is ensuring safety of the passengers and toddlers must be their top priority.

    • I totally agree. It is just so basic it should not have happened. We are heading to Barcelona in a month and have just returned from Ibiza!

    • Oh nothing too small Alice, just like a regular airline in economy. If you want to see a lot of Europe then they are a great choice

  • I think wth Ryanair it really is you get what you pay for. I flew with them in 2015 and had no issues. Budget expectations for a budget airline.

    • Totally right Jean, cannot complain that I’ve seen so much if Europe on budget flights for less than the cost of a monthly phone contract!

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