Review: Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium

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Excursion: Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium

Date: May 2016


This was definitely a gem of a find on the island of Koh Samui. As we approached the park their was a huge car park, so parking isn’t an issue. As we bought our day ticket the receptionist was super friendly and was sure to tell us about the few shows they had on that day with the animals. The variety of marine life in the aquariums was quite astonishing. I did not think i was going to see anywhere near as many different species of fish as i did. Additionally this was the same as the wildlife, such a massive variety from big cats to small Monkeys. At the Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium there is a fantastic little restaurant where the food is fantastic. Furthermore there are swimming pools that are great to take a dip in to cool off. All in all, a great day trip.

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Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium
A monkey from the Zoo

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The Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium is on the south side of the island near the Ban Hua Thanon area. It is really easy and quick to get to as the island is pretty small and has a great ring road right round the whole island, luckily for us it wasn’t a long drive from our hotel, Samui First House Hotel. There is another attraction very close to the Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium which is the Butterfly Farm.

Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium
Little shark

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Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium wasn’t too expensive and was well worth the money in the sense of, we seen fantastic marine life and wildlife, we had great food and a much needed dip in the pool.


On our trip round Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium we didn’t actually see anybody else in the park except the odd local Thai or an employee.

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My favourite part

The favourite part of this day out was seeing the exotic big cats. I love animals so seeing these magnificent creatures was very special. Another great thing was all the big cats had a companion, none were isolated which was great to see. I highly recommend visiting this great wee park.

Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium
One of the tigers

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My least favourite part

In a few of the enclosures there was animals without water which was quite alarming seeing how the temperature was way over 30C everyday. It was very hard to see and quite sad.

Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium
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A nice attraction to see if your on Koh Samui, Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium
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