Review: San Remo Hotel Ibiza

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  1. asoulwindow says:

    Oops, sad to know that you were unable to sleep here. I avoid places which encourage late night drunk parties. They really need to work on the factors which have gone wrong. Thanks for an honest feedback.

  2. Lisa says:

    Sounds like a nice hotel, but not suitable for families from what I read! I hope little Travis wasn’t disturbed too much! Your welcome gift was a nice surprise, those flip flops will definitely come in handy in Ibiza.

  3. Marlies says:

    Welcome gifts are always such a pleasure, just to idea of getting something. Too bad the hotel type did not match your needs and low season was definitely on. I can image waking up early and walking around before it is proper cleaned, yak.

  4. Umberta says:

    Ah if you can’t sleep, it’s maybe not a good pick. Well it’s Ibiza the, I guess most of the people are there to party! But it’s nice anyway that at least at the hotel one can rest!
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  5. It sounds like my idea of hell, but that’s because I’m clearly not its target audience. I suspect that it doesn’t really aim for family travellers either, because the excessive drunken antics, the noise and “blood and puke” are definitely not family-friendly. Really appreciate honest reviews like this, helps people to find the places that suit them and avoid the ones that won’t!
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  6. what a good idea to review a hotel. I have always wanted to go to Ibiza so this into consideration when I go. Too bad it was so loud!

  7. I stayed at a more than 100 years old hotel with the same in San Francisco and it was such a nice experience. I am sorry to hear you couldn’t sleep well. That’s the most important factor for me to choose a hotel.

  8. Barbara says:

    This looks like a nice place to stay in Ibiza! It looks like your baby enjoyed it too. Next time I m in Ibiza, I will have to check it out!

  9. Only By Land says:

    They are really annoying the loud Brits who start fighting aren’t they! I think the San Remo is good for partying but not for traveling with kids to Ibiza. I’m not sure I would travel with my daughter to Ibiza and being a jealous dad when she gets older I won’t let her go there on holiday either!
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    • David says:

      They sure are! It was a good trip away and the wee man loved the beach and ocean so me not sleeping well didn’t matter as long as my son had a good time! I do understand what you man about a protective dad as I would be exactly the same haha

  10. The hotel looks decent though, but the noise part is annoying. Compromising on sleep is not expected when you check in to a hotel. Btw I loved the video and your super cute baby.

  11. Goodness, that doesn’t sound like the right place for you at all! I know Ibiza does have a big party scene, but that’s just nuts! Glad at least the food was good!
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  12. Jen Joslin says:

    Oh my gosh guys! You remain fairly upbeat in this post, but this does not sound like a fun experience! We would have been outta there in a jiffy!! Getting too old for that sh*t 😀
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  13. Rhonda Albom says:

    Doesn’t sound like you had a good experience. Pity, but at least it’ll make for interesting memories a few years down the road. At least the food was great.
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  14. Aaw. Sad to hear that this is not a family-friendly hotel. Good thing you got this at a very low price or else it would have sucked. Good thing is you still got to enjoy the food and the welcome gift!
    Darlene | Point and Shoot + Wanderlust recently posted…Hong Kong 3 Days Itinerary, Guide, and TipsMy Profile

  15. Karen Akpan says:

    Any place with so much partying will definitely not work for as we have a light sleeper. My 4yr old wakes up at every beep. I can see you had fun regardless of the other stuff. Thanks a lot for sharing your review on the hotel.

  16. Kasia says:

    This is a perfect post for me 🙂 I love hotels! YOu have a really cute family and I enjoy watching your adventures in this hotel. Your baby boy seems like one day he will become a travel blogger 😀
    Have a good day.


  17. Suruchi says:

    A well written honest review. I and my husband are also big time party freaks but still, we look for a place where there is peace at night. It is really annoying when someone beats at your door that late. Still, with such a big negative there are positives to remember too, the gifts, good food and the price at which you got this place.

  18. Ryazan says:

    Ibiza is known for its notorious party. Sorry to know that you were had that bad experience. I would absolutely thrown a wobbler there! It’s not really ideal when you have a kid and trying to relax.

  19. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    This is indeed a candid review and helpful for readers, especially for those heading to those parts. The hotel is fine for those who want to go and rock with parties. But especially if you are with family/kids and want some quality sleep, one needs to avoid the place. Of course every place has its pluses and minuses, so it depends on what one is looking out for.

    • David says:

      Yeah it does absolutely depend on what you are looking for! I feel if its a family holiday where you need quality sleep then this may not be the best place, saying that it was a really nice hotel!

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