Review: Satt Restaurant

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Restaurant: Satt Restaurant

Location: Reykjavike (Part of the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura.)

Date: April, 2016


The Satt Restaurant was very classy. We felt under-dressed right away when we entered. The atmosphere was quiet and calm and the staff were the same. Everyone was really relaxed and things were kept well under control. There was never rushing or people acting crazy.

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The restaurant is part of the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Nature Hotel on the outside of Reykjavik city. It is not in the centre of town by any means so its a little out of the way. It is to the right just as you enter the hotel from the front.


We found that the choice was quite limited. This was a bit disappointing but we do find that to be the case in nicer places. We loved the pizza we got on the first night but after that we were disappointed with most meals. I had fish and chips one day and the chips were sweet potato. There was so much salt on them they were unbearable to eat. There was a small amount of fish which was delicious but I was left feeling hungry after.

Satt Restaurant
Fish and chips at the Satt

The menu explained every item inside a meal so I was very shocked two times to order food that came with egg hidden in it. I hate eggs. I was left feeling sick after finding egg in my tuna mayo sandwich…

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Almost everyone here was someone with a good bit of money. We felt really out of place here. Lots of higher-earning people came here from around Iceland to eat and meet with friends. There were also a lot of American tourists here who were staying at the hotel. We never once saw the other British people from the hotel in the Satt Restaurant.

Satt Restaurant
David with a ceaser salad

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My favourite part

I loved that it was quick to get served here usually. The staff were really nice when I had to send back my eggy food and game me a slight discount on my food.

My least favourite part

Egg. That is all I need to say. I hated how egg was lurking in everything even when the menu mentioned every other ingredient except egg.

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