Save money on travel – The tricks I used to get 5 days all-inclusive in Ibiza for £107pp

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It is about time I traveled more, and certainly in Europe because after the Brexit things aren’t going to be so easy. I decided to book a European trip, squashed into the cracks of our free time. Here I am going to show you how I managed to find save money on travel and get us 5 days all-inclusive in Ibiza for only £107pp.

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I always rely on Skyscanner for my flight searches. You can search with Skyscanner and book elsewhere, it doesn’t matter. Skyscanner should always be your first port-of-call for searching flights. Since I can work from anywhere in the world, and don’t mind where I go, I always search for ‘Everywhere’ and check which destinations are the cheapest. This is really handy because you can even search the whole of the month if you are really flexible. I decided to stick with certain dates as I actually have them all completely free anyway!

save money on travel
Skyscanner ‘Everywhere’ option

Click here to book your flights on Skyscanner

save money on travel
All these options are under £50 on the ‘Everywhere’ search


save money on travel
When you click on Spain, Ibiza is the cheapest at £30

You can now go ahead and book through Skyscanner by clicking the £30 button and following through to purchase (it will take you to the Ryanair website) or you can look up the flight with the carrier yourself.

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Using Ryanairs own site

I have an account with Ryanair so I like to check that the prices aren’t any different on their app/website, before booking. I found that the price was the same as on Skyscanner but it was slightly different when using the Ryanair app compared to the Ryanair website. On the app I have to select Travis as an infant which generally means he would be on my lap for the flight. On the website an offer popped up that I could have Travis his own reserved seat for FREE if I reserved a seat for myself and David.

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I decided to go with the latter option as it worked out even cheaper than having him on my lap! Using the app the grand total (before credit card fee) was £99.96. Using the website for David and myself we paid around £85 before reserving a seat for Travis. This means if we hadn’t reserved we would be paying an extra £15 roughly for Travis to be on our laps. We managed to reserve seats for around £12. This meant it actually worked out cheaper to give him his own seat. Bonus. The total from ordering online was just under £100 with the credit card fee included.

Accommodation search

I pulled out all the works to try get the best accommodation deal. The thing with a new destination is you never really know for sure which areas are good to go to.

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Booking & Agoda

I often use and Agoda for my hotels so these were my starting points. I love that both of these options show you on the map where the hotel is and tell you all about the amenities. Usually you do not get an accurate representation of the hotel so it is always good to check it out on TripAdvisor first. I saw I could stay in a few places for quite cheap, I just didn’t know what they were like so I decided to dig a bit deeper.


I’ve recently come across housesitting as an option for travel. I found some older ads but there was nothing for the time we were going, so it was time to move on.

Air BnB

Air BnB actually had some stunning, and cheap, places. I found somewhere with multi-level pools and stunning terraces for only £13 a night. This is a total bargain – they just had no reviews and the wording of their ad was rather confusing so I steered clear. You can even get £30 free credit using my link.


I use Icelolly a lot but I’ve never actually booked through them. You have to call to get the deal and I always do my searches at night when Travis is asleep. But is a fantastic tool to find out the cheapest locations for certain dates. You can usually take the information you find here and use it to find your own cheap flights elsewhere. The same goes for the hotels.

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I had never considered going all-inclusive because we enjoy eating out a lot. But It was showing up as £125 per person all-inclusive which meant that the hotel was only £95 for the whole 5 days per person! Previously in Spain we have spent 40 Euros on one meal so this meant we could save a lot just by eating on meal a day at the hotel.

I did not have time to call so instead I searched the hotel on all my normal search engines and it kept coming up as fully booked! I knew this wasn’t the case or Icelolly would not be offering it as an option so I dug deeper.

Hotel Club San Remo’s native website

I decided to go to the source. I checked the hotels (Hotel Club San Remo) own website and found it has plenty room!

save money on travel
The hotels on website

As you can see by just using their own website they offered a 5% discount. This meant the cost was roughly 288 Euros for all of us for the whole stay. A bit more digging around showed me that if you signed up to their mailing list you would get discounts for life. Unfortunately their link was broken and I couldn’t do this so I just Googled ‘Playa Sol discount.’ Result! There was a 15% discount for anyone coming in April by using their code! This dropped the price by 30 Euros. I booked up through their website for around 253 Euro.

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When putting the numbers through a currency converter and then into a calculator it showed that the price per person, flights, hotel and food included was £106-something. So under £107pp! The hotel is right by the sea (literally its on the beach) and has its own pool so there is no compromise either.


The bus from the airport leaves every hour and is 45 minutes. It should cost each person £4. This is a total of £24 there and back for all of us. You can also hire a car for the full 5 days for under £25, £50 if you need a kids car seat. I also get a 10% AVIS discount if I use my Flybe credit card! So the most we will add on to this cost if £50 and the rest is by choice!

 I found many save money on travel during this trip. You can check out more of my travel hacks.

What are your favourite tricks?

Save money on travel - The tricks I used to get 5 days all-inclusive in Ibiza for £107pp #travel
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How you can save money on travel to almost anywhere #travel
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  • What a skilled bargain hunter you are! I admire your tenacity and creativity. Well done. If only we lived closer and we could try to track down a similar deal! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. I also use Skyscanner but had not heard of some of the other sites. I will be using them in the future. Ta Mel

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