Scottish Borders: A microadventure in Walkerburn

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I am a big supporter of creating adventure for my family. Each day should not be lived waiting for another day to enjoy yourself. In an effort to get Travis used to being out and about more, I decided to start taking him on micro-adventures in our local area called the Scottish Borders (find out more about why I love adventures here.) Exploring our hometown of Walkerburn in the Scottish Borders seemed like the perfect opportunity to get out more.

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The beautiful Scottish Borders

We are so lucky to have such a picturesque setting right on our doorstep. Walkerburn is surrounded by beautiful high hills and greenery. Of course the walk was fascinating and beautiful. We headed first of all to the park, where Travis loves a shot on the swing.

Scottish Borders
Enjoying the swing

Helping him enjoy

I decided to associate our adventures with things he enjoys, which as a matter of fact isn’t difficult for us since he really enjoys being outside. He really looks forward to going out exploring!

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Scottish Borders
Which path…choices

The little garden

Next Travis was able to explore a little garden and where he was confused by the feel of the bark on the ground! Next we headed off over the bridge and after we parked up for a minute. The sheep were making strange noises and we decided to just enjoy them and the beautiful nature for a while.

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Going home

The park route was our chosen choice of route to head back. Over the crossroad, singing over the bumpy stones, where he was fascinated with the beauty of a white butterfly! It was adorable watching him chase it with his eyes. Travis really enjoys the vibration of the buggy driving over gravel so for this reason we headed home over the wooden bridge and up the bumpy path! I love every second of Travis’ singing using the vibrations to change his voice.

Walkerburn Scottish Borders
Exploring the little garden

What a lovely little adventure. In my opinion there is nothing better than watching the enjoyment on the face of your child, and knowing you were the one who put that smile there.

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