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I have just been emailed by to let me know that they are now doing secret deal hotel discounts on some major hotels in major cities. This is fantastic news as seems to be getting with the game and offering users a lot more value. I love for many reasons and this adds to them.

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According to I’ve gained access to exclusive discounts for more than 129,726 properties! Wow.

The new secret deals

secret deals hotel discounts
Deals offered to me on

You can see here that major cities like Glasgow , Edinburgh and London are all included in the secret deals hotel discounts with

What you can save

You can save a whopping 67% in the centre of Edinburgh. The Adelphi hotel is in the Leith area which is easily and quickly connected to all of the main attractions. It is a popular area because of the football grounds nearby.

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secret deals hotel discounts
What you can save

How do I find the secret deals?

I have not yet mastered finding it through searching on the website so my first tip is to check your emails. I also saw two instances on the homepage where it mentioned discounts just by logging in.

secret deal hotel discounts
Check up by the log in in the top right and down on the bottom left

Failing that click here to access the secret deal hotel discounts on offer right now.

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How to save even more money

These are huge savings with the new secret deals hotel discounts. You can save even more with If you are not already a member you can sign up by clicking the image below and get £15 for being referred by me.

secret deals hotel discounts
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Do you know anything else about the new secret deals hotel discounts on Enlighten me please!

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